Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 - Ben Piper

Why shouldn’t weddings be fun, especially for those watching?

An e-book, Ideas for modern weddings, has just been released recommending a major change to the way most weddings should be conducted.

The suggested change is the biggest suggested change in living memory concerning wedding practice.

The author of the book is Ben Piper, one of the world’s great non-romantics, but otherwise a twice-married nonentity.

In the book, Mr. Piper recommends that a wedding ceremony should be preceded by an event that tells the story behind the wedding: how the partners met, how their relationship got going and what the background of the partners is.  He further suggests that there is no reason why that story has to be dead serious either in its content, or in the way that it is told.

This idea is something he tried when he last married, and the feedback was so good that he felt he had to try to spread the word.

In the book Mr. Piper suggests that having his recommended lead up to a wedding overcomes the problems of weddings that are too short, makes each wedding unique, and removes a significant audience boredom factor from weddings.

The pre-wedding ceremony also provides an opportunity for each of the partners to declare their love for each other in a modern way.

While the book is primarily aimed at non-religious weddings, 3 out of every 4 weddings in Australia are non-religious.

(And while it’s not suggested that religious weddings can’t be improved, there are limits to Mr. Piper’s courage !)

The book provides a step-by-step guide as to how pre-wedding ceremonies can be created, and provides very detailed guidance as to how to create story content, and how stories should be presented.  Mr Piper is brave enough to suggest ways of injecting humour into stories, but is not brave enough to provide guarantees for any of those suggestions.   

In his own pre-wedding ceremony, Mr. Piper revealed that the most beautiful phrase in the English language got his current marriage off the ground, with the assistance of a 23-email exchange that finally managed to secure the first date.  The transcript for that ceremony can be found at: transcript

Ideas for modern weddings is available in A4, A5 and B4 formats at a cost of $14.95: the book.

A free copy of the book is available for review on request.

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Ben Piper is a Melbournite who married for the second time in April 2018 at a wedding ceremony that was preceded by a pre-wedding series of talks and readings which set the scene for the wedding.  How that came about is told at: origin story.  A website, also authored by Mr. Piper, and offering advice about modern relationships and related matters, was launched in conjunction with the book: https://www.ideasformodernweddings.com 

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