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APAC Insider is a prominent Australian magazine that publishes the most up-to-date reporting, interviews, and commentaries from popularly known businesses and groups from a wide range of industries across the world. It is a valuable platform for more than 160,000 market leaders and policymakers who want to keep up on everything from business planning and research to emerging trends and growth opportunities in today's highly competitive business arenas. As one of the world's top 15 highest-earning economies, Australia has a plethora of personalities and institutions worthy of praise and appreciation from a variety of sectors and industries. Every year APAC Insider organises the prestigious Australian Enterprise Awards to recognise these companies and individuals who have contributed significantly to the development of one of the world's largest economies. 

2020 had been a tough year for the whole world. COVID-19 has wreaked unimaginable havoc, and those in the corporate sector are still trying to come to terms with the worst peace-time crisis they've ever faced. However, it has also provided business leaders with an opportunity to evolve and influence long-term genuine development, and many have taken the shot to develop themselves even more than before. The Australian Enterprise Award decided its winners by taking into account the accomplishments of a corporation in the previous 12 months, as well as its reputation among its contemporaries and most significantly, its market position. In an exciting set of events over this platform, Blockchain Australia was declared as the best Blockchain Development Consultancy of 2021.

In the words of the awards co-ordinator Steve Simpson,

“Australia continues to be a leading light on the world stage when it comes to business innovation and growth. As part of this awards programme, we wanted to reward all businesses -whether a start-up or an established behemoth on the market. With the events of 2020 mostly behind us, I offer my sincere congratulations to all of our winners, and I hope you have a fantastic 2021 ahead.”

Blockchain has quickly become the technology industry's go-to solution, and with good reason. It is a technological marvel that has been revolutionising the way the world works, one industry at a time. It is regulated by a decentralised network in which transactions are verified by a global network of peer-to-peer computers with no centralized power. Separate public and private keys for users, along with a permanent database set by the technology, function together to create a deep and somewhat impregnable defence against cybercriminals.

The work of Blockchain Australia, as the company name suggests, revolves entirely around this incredible technology named Blockchain. For quite some time, the organisation has been framing personalised and innovative solutions for its clients in the continually expanding Blockchain market and its multi-sector applications. They offer a range of services, such as designing blockchain-based strategies, transforming real-world assets like art, venture capital funds, and real estate into security token (STO) offerings, and providing industry and company-specific blockchain solutions for startups and entrepreneurs, corporate teams, investors, and venture capitalists. Prestigious corporations like Ayera, which uses blockchain to tokenise the art industry; Tremors, which utilises blockchain to distribute music; Bitlyra, a peer-to-peer crypto marketplace; CanWork, a blockchain-based freelance work marketplace; and Rhyme, a blockchain repository of medical records, have trusted the services of Blockchain Australia and have been working with them for a long period of time.

Blockchain Australia has involved itself in a wide variety of industries by collaborating with companies all over Australia. They have made inroads into the fintech industry, thanks to their partner, Fintech Australia, which uses blockchain technology to establish an Australian Fintech ecosystem that strengthens the world economy and heritage. Another partner of theirs and one of Australia's most prestigious software companies, R3Corda, whose primary function is to track, manage and synchronise financial transactions among licensed financial institutions, settles unique business problems in both competitive and highly policed industries by using blockchain solutions of Blockchain Australia. The company has also taken a step forward in the creation of a more efficient financial infrastructure in the world by partnering with ConsenSys, a leader in blockchain software engineering, that aims to build an Ethereum blockchain platform and applications for more open, secure, and stable economic systems. Neolegal, their legal partner, focuses on crimes and legal issues, especially in the area of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain Australia has also joined forces with Chainalysis, a blockchain research firm, to pave the way for solving high-profile cybercrime cases and increasing stable customer access to cryptocurrencies. Even associations like Polygon (previously Matic Network), a protocol and system for developing and linking Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, and Mudrex, a very well-known crypto trading site, have affiliated themselves with them. They have also partnered with two of the leading research and review sites, GoodFirms, which focuses on B2B research and review, and Clutch, which specialises in IT, Marketing, and Business services.

Blockchain Australia's main goal is to remodel markets, economies, and society as a whole by providing creative solutions provided by revolutionary blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. In the process, they also aim to eliminate deceit, coercion, and immoral practices throughout all industries. As a result, they are further interested in blockchain education in addition to their other business activities. They provide training, certifications, and seminars for everyone interested in learning blockchain, with the intent to improve skills and bring awareness about the technology. 

Blockchain Australia plans to set the standard for advanced technological adaptation and take Australia towards a larger technological future. With this purpose in mind, they have joined the prestigious Algorand Foundation, a non-profit organisation, that believes in a free, accessible, and permissionless blockchain. They have also enlisted themselves as a member of Victoria's largest and most powerful business organisation, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, to receive assistance in spreading blockchain technology as widely as possible.

Blockchain AustraliaTM has been designated as one of the elite members of Blockchain Australia, whose main objective is to work as a collective to raise awareness about blockchain technology's potential and draw the attention of the government and corporate shareholders. Bitcoin Insider, Coinfomania, Chainbits, Bitcoinchaser, and Blockchain News are just a few of the leading journals, magazines, and news sources in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space that have even featured this organisation on their forums. As the Australian government recently announced National Blockchain Roadmap steps for its 5-year strategy to advance the technology of blockchain, Blockchain Australia expects further involvement from all its partners in the near future in the creation of more blockchain-driven outcomes in the world.


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Blockchain Australia™

Blockchain Australia are the leading agency in blockchain application and development in Melbourne, Australia. Our blockchain consultants have years of experience and can provide tailored services for organizations and businesses. We provide many highly specialised services including blockchain wallet development, which is vital to businesses online.

Blockchain Australia is a blockchain marketing agency that specialises in implementing and developing blockchains. Blockchains are digital ledgers that stores and distinguishes every transaction and user. At Blockchain Australia we have a team of digital blockchain consultants that can help you and your company with every detail of our blockchain application and systems.

We have spent years developing our blockchain services so that they can be implemented in every industry possible. Our professional blockchain consultants have practised in providing end-to-end initial coin offerings and security token offerings for a variety of industries. Additionally, our experts have developed smart contracts, automated billing systems and blockchain POC (proof of concept) systems to cover all of a business’s needs. More importantly, our digital blockchain consultants are well versed in cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) and cryptocurrency wallet development and can ensure programs that are comprehensive and user-friendly to maximise transactions.  You will not find a more experienced and professional marketing agency in Melbourne that is experienced in blockchain solutions. Get in Touch by calling … or email us today.

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Blockchain Australia was recently named the best Blockchain Development Consultancy of 2021 in the eminent Australian Enterprise Awards conducted by the renowned APAC magazine.




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