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According to Google, people in Australia searching for 'gynaecologist' and 'gynaecologist near me' hit an all-time high during the first wave of COVID-19 social isolation.  Nine months later, South Australia officially has a COVID Baby Boom with a 40% increase in registered births in December, and January is looking even busier. 

Fortunately for these new parents South Australian based company Goldilocks has just hit the shelves with their new ‘smart singlet’. Goldilocks is a smart singlet which tracks the infants’ feeding, sleeping, temperature, breathing and development goals. It then uses this data to act like a virtual coach for new parents to give them peace of mind.

Three years ago, Mr Richards and his wife Laura were blessed with a daughter. At the hospital, his daughter was perfect and they had all the support that they needed. Then they brought her home and in a scenario familiar to every parent, she started crying. “In our sleep deprived and stressed mindset, we forgot all that information that we researched," Mr Richards says. "We constantly questioned ourselves: Is she hungry? Is she too hot or cold? Is she tired?

"We set about coming up with a solution that is easy to use and that answers the simple questions that parents often have.”

AMedical Device Engineer, this led Mr Richards to found Goldilocks Suit – a smart baby monitoring product to help parents navigate the anxieties of early parenthood.

“We wanted a solution that helped parents enjoy their baby by providing reassurance and confidence.”

In addition to monitoring breathing, body/room temperature, hunger and sleep tracking, Goldilocks Suit also monitors the behaviours seen in infants as they grow – also known as development milestones. This gives parents a wider understanding of the wellbeing of their child.

Alexandra Emerson, a new mother and one of the first users of Goldilocks says, ‘Goldilocks was incredibly helpful because it gave me reassurance everything was ok, despite not being able to access other resources as easily.’ Despite bringing home a premature baby from the hospital, Goldilocks provided the Emersons with peace of mind and reassurance during the pandemic and beyond.

Goldilocks is epecially designed for first-time parents and has signed partnerships with local baby care companies Wink, Diet For You and Mother Nurture.

Director of Wink, Dr. Michael Gradisar is delighted with this agreement. "We're excited to be able to team up with Goldilocks Suit. It's an intuitive partnership, that at its heart is dedicated to help families navigate the roller-coaster ride of their baby's sleep," Dr Gradisar says

"At the end of the day, we're all about sleep education - transferring those pieces of information that we know are backed by scientific evidence. So we know they work."

These partnerships will provide parents with exclusive in-app content, enabling them to access clinician-grade advice when they need it most.

Manufactured in Australia, with 3 years of product development and numerous rounds of product testing under its belt, Goldilocks can now be purchased by new parents. And this comes at a perfect time with new parents keen to stay healthy and remaining cautious of exposure.

Find out more about Goldilocks at www.goldilockssuit.com or follow their journey on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn at @goldilockssuit


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Goldilocks Suit

Wearable technology company Goldilocks Suit was founded in 2019 to provide new parents peace of mind. The company designs and manufactures baby wearables that monitor and record a baby’s temperature, sleeping patterns, breathing, feeding and development. The company is based in Adelaide, Australia, and has developed the business with the help of the MedTech Actuator, Artesian Alternative Investments and ThincLab.

Shem Richards
M: 0468499764
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