Sunday, April 25th, 2021 - Heaps Good Gin

Launching in May, Heaps Good Gin is the first release from SA Distilling Co, South Australia’s newest gin brand, Founded by Adelaide “Ginthusiasts” Marcelle McEwan and Greg Nunan.

According to Ms McEwan, the South Australian gin scene has flourished in recent years, now often referred to as the home of Craft Gin and the Adelaide duo are excited to be a part of it with the release of Heaps Good Gin.

‘We are fortunate to have such a vibrant craft gin industry here in SA with so many wonderful gins from SA distillers. As avid “ginthusiasts”, we wanted to add to the local gin scene by creating an SA-centric gin that showcases South Australian botanicals from all over the state.'

Set to launch at the end of May, Heaps Good Gin is distilled and produced at Prohibition Liquor’s Adelaide CBD distillery. Speaking of the partnership, Ms McEwan was quick to highlight why Prohibition Liquor were chosen as the preferred distilling partner.

‘It's one thing to say you want to create a gin with an SA-centric botanical profile, but it’s something completely different to actually combine a random mix of botanicals into a superb tasting gin.’

‘We couldn't go past the team at Prohibition Liqour Co. as our distilling partners. Prohibition are renowned for producing sophisticated, flavoursome gins and have won a stack of awards.’

Head Distiller, Hugh Lumsden is the world-class distiller who helped shape the SA-forward botanical profile of Heaps Good Gin over many months of recipe development.

‘Consumers are going to be absolutely delighted with the flavour profile of Heaps Good Gin.'

Heaps Good Gin is a classic citrus-forward gin courtesy of Riverland Orange and Mypolonga Finger Lime, balanced with the savoury notes of Saltbush from Lake Eyre, and a hint of zing from natively foraged Pink Pepper.

‘We've quite literally in some instances, handpicked the best botanicals from all over our State to make a gin that truly is ‘SA in a bottle’.'

As for the name, the duo just couldn’t go past the expression “Heaps Good”.

‘We’ve infused South Australia right through this gin – everything from South Australian botanicals to using local designers, printers, packagers and Adelaide small businesses. Heaps Good Gin truly is South Australia in a bottle and it doesn’t get much more South Aussie than the saying “Heaps Good”.'

Free tastings of Heaps Good Gin and ability to purchase exclusive pre-launch bottles are available at the upcoming Bowerbird Market 7th-9th May, ahead of the official online order launch at the end of May.

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Heaps Good Gin

If you know your Stobie poles from your power poles, your bung fritz from your devon and your frog cake from your cupcake, Heaps Good Gin is right up your Malls Balls.

Combining the zingy goodness of Riverland Orange and Finger Lime, the savoury vibes of Native Saltbush and SA Almonds, with the hum of locally foraged Pink Peppercorn, this blend packs more punch than a sold-out Showdown.

Distilled, designed, printed, and packaged in SA.

Heaps Good Gin,
It’s South Australia in a bottle.

Marcelle McEwan
P: 0438 826 630
M: 0438 826 630


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