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The nature of remote mine sites presents many challenges. In a technology-driven world, ensuring a reliable IT infrastructure in such locations has long been an issue. The desire for a cost-effective, reliable solution was what compelled Angie and Clinton Keeler to found Zella DC, hailing a new era of micro data centres being embraced on a global scale.

Ensuring the integrity of IT in the tough environment of remote mine sites has, for too long, been accepted as a costly and complex challenge. Tech-savvy couple, Angie and Clinton Keeler, knew that if they could overcome the problem in such a hostile environment that they’d have a solution capable of being rolled out in any global location. The lightbulb moment grew from their desire to negate the need for problematic fixed server rooms. Replacing this with user-friendly micro data centre technology would massively increase reliability, reduce costs and provide a wholly scalable solution that would revolutionise IT in any hard-to-access location.

The launch of Zella DC 10 years ago was the beginning of the journey to bring this to reality. Micro data centres addressed the multi-faceted problems of the fixed server room. This unique creation provides the following advantages:

  • User friendly: Encompassing selection, deployment, management and maintenance
  • Reliable & robust: Built to withstand the toughest of environments
  • Fully scalable: The data centre can grow along with business needs
  • Engineered for reliability: Fully contained (dust-free) and proven to minimise downtime caused by either human error or overheating
  • Safe: From both physical and cyber threats
  • Cost-effective: Low-cost energy requirements and in terms of infrastructure
  • Seamless integration: Works with any software of your choice

With ground zero being remote mine sites, Zella DC began development with the requirement that the solution must be facilitated to be wholly suitable in the toughest of environments. The complete development process was moulded around use in such locations. This, combined with the highest standards of cyber-security, certifications, reliability and health & safety, ensured that the successful rollout within the mining industry soon gained the attention of other markets. Defence, government and pharmaceutical contracts soon followed, reinforcing the new technology’s value for use on a global scale.

Angie Keeler, Co-Founder and CEO of Zella DC says, “We are grateful to the mining companies, our early adopters, that helped us grow into the global company we are today. Starting out in such a tough environment meant we had to learn quickly and optimise our products to the highest standards.”

Today, Zella DC micro centres can be found on all six continents across multiple industries. Some of these include:

  • State government: Western Australia Government has incorporated Zella DC technology for critical on-site IT infrastructure for the State of Emergency Department
  • Healthcare: Southern Cross Care welcomed the space-saving element of Zella DC micro centres
  • Media: The technology has proven game-changing for Community News, who needed a solution to overcome summertime overheating issues
  • Iron Ore: A remote location that needed a wholly robust, secure and reliable IT solution
  • Government: Chile took advantage of the secure solution of Zella DC micro centres across multiple departments and sites
  • Disaster recovery: Backup and disaster recovery company, ShadowSafe, has installed three modulated Zella DC micro centres
  • Nickel: At the heart of Zella DCs rollout, BHP are utilising this innovative IT solution for a remote site in WA.

The revolutionary ability to replace problematic, purpose-built server rooms with micro data centres offers countless advantages. As hyper-converged IT infrastructure becomes ever more popular, so does the need for reliable, fast, secure, cost-effective and fully-scalable solutions. As Angie Keeler says, “Zella DC ticks all of those boxes”.

Co-Founder and CTO, Clinton Keeler, says, “The Zella DC modular micro data centres give our customers the flexibility to supplement or completely replace their existing fixes server room infrastructure, and be up and running within days instead of months.”

About Zella DC

The brainchild of Angie and Clinton Keeler, Zella DC is committed to bringing next-generation micro data centre solutions that optimise the way today’s industries do business. The company has been recognised for its innovative focus as a finalist in the Edge Computing World Start-up of the Year Awards in 2020.

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Zella DC

Micro data centres built for anywhere. Reduce the size, cost and complexity of your data centre or server room while expanding your on-site processing power. The outcome is a next-generation server room that makes productivity sustainable in every way.

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Hailing a new era of micro data centres being embraced on a global scale



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