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Hello, I am hoping you might find this of interest your readers. This is a light hearted guide for people starting out in their first jobs or perhaps first job after a while who find themselves Suddenly Responsible. In this context it means they have to pay tax, make decisions about super and the guide is intended to be a quick, easy and fun reference to all things financial from this beginning, right through to retirement.

Dad and daughter MB

It is full of Dad jokes and great information based on a lifetime of investment experience which is my contribution, and reality checked by my daughter to make it relevant and understandable and a little more modern.

The inspiration for the book was my realisation how little some people know about finance,  and to provide a guide so that they might approach it correctly. It is our hope that all kids of the right age will get access to a copy.

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We have also pledged to donate $1 for every copy sold via the website to The Leukaemia Foundation. Our fund raising page is here 





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Unicorn and the book Suddenly Responsible is owned by the Trustee for UDS Trust trading as moneybeans

Whilst that might sound elaborate, it is just a dad and daughter effort.


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