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Sydney, NSW, Australia - 25 March 2021 - Australian law firm Progressive Legal has launched an innovative series of online and freely accessible CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses, designed to teach and share knowledge with Australia-wide practising lawyers. 


The newly released legal CPD courses are offered as free webinars and cover topics considered compulsory by the NSW Law Society CPD. They include intellectual property, practice management and business skills.


Ian Aldridge, Founder and Principal Lawyer of Progressive Legal created Progressive Legal’s online CPD courses in an effort to help fellow lawyers upskill without the problems of time constraints and overpricing.


‘We’ve noticed that despite CPD being mandatory for all lawyers according to the NSW Law Society, most options in the field today are either overpriced or aren’t good value for money. Some even masquerade as CPD webinars and it turns out to be a sales pitch for a software product. It’s pretty disingenuous. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great CPD providers out there but most lawyers I speak to that have gripes about the mandatory units (especially the ones that aren’t in the substantive law sections - i.e. not the ones about what they do in their everyday field of practice) say that it’s an hour of their life that they will never get back and they haven’t found what was covered any practical use to them in daily practise as a lawyer.’ said Aldridge.


‘Our free webinars are designed to be an opportunity for lawyers to obtain practical knowledge that they can use day-to-day and make them interesting’. 


Aldridge has curated a number of CPD courses designed to improve lawyers’ practice management and business skills, including ‘Outlook Practical Tips for Lawyers’, ‘Take back control of your law firm!’, ‘Social Media for Law Firms: How to Generate Leads Efficiently!’ and ‘5 Key Metrics that you need to Grow Your Law Firm’. 


Progressive Legal’s informative and interactive CPD courses can help lawyers earn one CPD unit in their respective compulsory fields. Each course is a one hour free webinar and is taught by a qualified expert in the industry. 


‘Progressive Legal has decided to offer complimentary service to fellow lawyers to make CPD requirements easier and more affordable to meet, especially during these COVID times and in the online environment,’ said Aldridge.


All of Progressive Legal’s new CPD courses are available online through the Progressive Legal website. Interested parties will need to register their name and contact details (including phone number and email address) through an online form to gain access to the webinar.


Progressive Legal is also looking to create CPD courses in additional compulsory fields such as professional skills and ethics and professional responsibility and even substantive topics in the filed of intellectual property in the near future. These courses will also be made available online and completely free.


Find out more about Progressive Legal’s CPD courses here.



About Progressive Legal: Progressive Legal, founded by Ian Aldridge, aims to redesign the way law is viewed by SMEs through forward-thinking business law initiatives and providing businesses with legal advice and documents.


Contact Info:

Name: Ian Aldridge

Organisation: Progressive Legal

Phone: 1800 820 083

Email: [email protected]

Address: Level 3/223 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010



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Progressive Legal releases new and free online courses for fellow lawyers' Continued Professional Development (CPD) training.




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