Thursday, March 25th, 2021 - Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd

Australian charity, Rotary Australia World Community Service, today announced the creation of a national Flood Relief Appeal for people impacted by the recent floods up and down the Eastern seaboard.

Australians impacted by the recent floods will be the beneficiaries of money raised by Flood Appeal and will be able to liaise with their local Rotary Club to advise of their needs.

The fundraising campaign, which aims to raise in excess of $10 million, was launched this week to support the communities in need after yet another disaster impacting Australians.

“The money raised from the Appeal will go directly and quickly to support those impacted, providing essential items and financial support where Disaster relief and Insurance claims won’t stretch,” said Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd CEO Andrew Woodward.

“The number of disasters Australians have endured in the last two years have been significant and left a lot of people in very difficult financial positions,” Mr Woodward said.

Rotary Australia World Community Service has previously raised money for Bushfire and Drought affected areas and sees this disaster as just another where the network of Rotarians can step in to assist.

Mr Woodward said that he expects the money to help people with the things that insurance or disaster relief funds cannot replace. Whether it be helping farmers build new fences or providing food and clothing to those that have lost everything, the money raised will be crucial in helping families get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Rotary Australia World Community Service is a not-for-profit charity that aims to be the leading Australian charitable organization for people’s wellbeing, supporting Rotarians and Rotary Clubs undertaking humanitarian projects in Australia and overseas.

Tax-Deductible Donations to the appeal can be made here: or from the Rotary Australia World Community Service website at


Andrew Woodward is available for interviews and photographs.

Link to headshot photo here

Media Contact: Andrew Woodward 0411 075 107, [email protected]


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Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd

Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS) works in harmony with the Rotary Foundation and its ‘Areas of Focus’, delivering humanitarian aid through the Australian regional network of Rotarians, Clubs and Districts by empowering:

  • Projects – volunteer work teams and/or funding for Rotary projects undertaken locally, nationally, and internationally;
  • Rotarians Against Malaria – providing supplies, equipment, and volunteers to support the elimination of malaria in our region by 2030;
  • Donations-in-kind – collecting and transporting surplus goods from Australia to where they are needed overseas;
  • Communications – delivering Rotary in action to the public, the corporate sector, philanthropists, and governments and linking Rotarians and Clubs with RAWCS activities.

These activities provide sustainable development and relief work overseas and charitable support for people in need of assistance within Australia. RAWCS administers three Tax Deductible funds:

  • Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund – currently supporting 387 overseas projects delivering humanitarian aid in 130 countries;
  • Rotary Australia Benevolent Society – last year supported 104 compassionate grants to Australians in need;
  • Rotary Australia Relief Fund – rapid response to accept donations to major appeals disbursing funds to appropriate aid projects.

RAWCS provides back-end systems and project services to all Australian Rotary Clubs for project accounting, donations, and fundraising support, management, regulatory compliance, volunteer support, communications, and marketing. These services are overseen by the Australian District Governors who are the RAWCS Ltd members.

The RAWCS mission is to enhance support services to Australian Rotarians and Rotary Clubs to assist disadvantaged communities and individuals with humanitarian aid projects.

Andrew Woodward
P: 0288338321
M: 0411075107


Rotary Australia World Community Service announces National Flood Appeal




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