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Australian businessman Darren Herft recently launched his official sports website, Darren Herft Sports Central and has been interviewed on online news platforms and sport blogs about the interconnection between sports and business.

Up until this point, Herft has mainly educated his audience about current events pertaining to finance and economics. His reason for creating a new sports website, however, is to discuss AFL and cricket, but also to share his passion for sports with the world.

In Disrupt Magazine, Herft said that success requires sacrifice, commitment and perseverance. He says these qualities for success are required in both sports and business alike. He also mentioned that some of his most valuable lessons were taught to him by his sports coaches. 

Playing sports since he was seven and starting in athletics, Herft later gravitated towards AFL and cricket in his youth. His passion hasn’t waned since then, and while he is often busy, he still manages to keep fit and incorporate sports into his life.

Aside from the interconnection between sports and business, studies show that sports and physical activity leads to longevity. People who participate in sports often experience better sleep, a strong heart and reduced stress.

Fast Company also suggests that exercise and playing sports triggers chemicals in the brain that make you feel happier and relaxed. Team sports provide players with a chance to unwind and take part in a new activity. 

In today’s corporate world, stress is also a major factor contributing to illness. Seven out of ten adults in the U.S. say that they experience stress or daily anxiety. While it is impossible to eliminate stress altogether, it can certainly be effectively managed, and participating in sports either as a player or as an escape can be beneficial.

By writing about both sports and business, Herft hopes he can continue to contribute to the wellbeing of his readers and add to his body of helpful work online.

Herft says that continuing to develop discipline is important to get ahead and to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.  Leaders are now required to constantly pivot and adapt to new circumstances more rapidly than ever before.

So, what is Herft’s advice?

He says the key to success in sports and business is to continue to push yourself and to prioritize continuous personal development. Specifically, the development of a practical skillset.

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