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Western Sydney’s leading law firm, Coleman Greig Lawyers has taken on an ambitious growth plan during COVID-19 that prioritises women’s empowerment. Women now outnumber men as practicing solicitors at 52% in a traditionally male dominated field according to the National Profile of Solicitors Report.

Coleman Greig’s strong stance on women’s empowerment is due to their high employment rates of female solicitors and acknowledging the importance of eliminating any gender bias all the way to the board level. It is no coincidence that Coleman Greig was listed as a finalist in the 2019 Women in Law Awards, for Diversity Law firm of the Year.

“At Coleman Greig we value the difference between people and the contribution that senior females make to our business. As a firm, we actively manage diversity and find ways to utilise the differences that exist.” said Chief Executive Officer, Warrick McLean.

Coleman Greig is soon to move to their new sustainable headquarters, located at 32 Smith St, Parramatta and fitted it out using predominately Gregory Chair’s revolutionary Project W -  the first office chair designed by a team of women. With Coleman Greig’s strong focus on innovation and the empowerment of women it seemed only logical that their firm was fitted out with the only product that provided great support for their female staff.

Coleman Greig is also focusing on empowering women through initiatives like their upcoming Women in Business Lunch to celebrate International Women’s Day where the winners of the Women of the West Awards will be announced.

“People have always been and will continue to be at the centre of everything we do, that includes our employees and the people within the local community,” said Coleman Greig CEO Warrick McLean. “Creating an inclusive culture where both men and women feel empowered at Coleman Greig is important to us.”

Much of the ergonomic seating design to date has been centred around male bodies which has meant women have struggled to find a chair that is ergonomically correct for them. This has caused a large number of women to experience work-related back pain caused by chairs that don’t suit their needs. “We took a look at traditional seating designs and what we were making, and we realised that we were continually making large quantities of petite chairs to suit women” says Anthony Mankarios Managing Director of Gregory Chairs.

“There is nothing like Project W on the market, we brought together an extraordinary group of women with backgrounds in engineering, ergonomics, product assembly, science and procurement to bring office chair design into the future”.

Project W is the only chair on the market designed by women that places a significant focus on a design that ergonomically supports female users.


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Gregory Commercial Furniture

Gregory Commercial Furniture is a proudly Australian owned ergonomic seating and commercial furniture specialist. Gregory’s research driven seating designs aim to reduce the damage associated with sedentary behaviour. Gregory Commercial Furniture is part of the Inventis Group which is publicly listed on the ASX (IVT).

Gregory’s first chair was developed in 1988 by physiotherapist and company founder, Peter Gregory, to address the largest cause of occupational back pain in Australian office workers – the office chair. His knowledge of the anatomical reasons for chronic back pain and his precise observations of correct seating posture, lead to the development of the original award-winning Dual Density Posture Support System. This award-winning design is at the very core of all Gregory chairs.

At Gregory we understand that one chair does not fit everybody. Along with our original award-winning Dual Density Posture Support System, we also exclusively offer Column Technology. This range of solutions allows you to choose the technology that fits best for your body. At Gregory we develop and manufacture a high-quality range of products that:

  • Reduce Occupational Health & Safety Risks
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Incorporate Modern Office Design and Finishes
  • Offer comprehensive product warranties, and
  • Deliver great customer service

Supported by top 100 companies and government departments, it’s hard to go past an original Gregory chair.

Injury-prevention, coupled with good ergonomic design in the workplace, has been shown to:

  • Lower worker’s compensation costs
  • Reduce the amount of time lost due to injury
  • Increase morale and productivity

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