Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 - The MBA School Of MBA Credentials

Adelaide is leading Australia again, this time in its combination of entertainment and education with it's Adelaide Fringe Festival boasting a Pop-Up University that is awarding MBA Degrees to audience members.

The MBA School Of MBA Credentials, officially opens its "A Lunchtime MBA" program tomorrow, Wednesday, February 24, and plans to award up to 600 MBA Degrees between then and March 19.

"This is a bold undertaking that should titilate the higher education sector and business schools, because we're showing you can cover the fundamentals of a Master of Business Administration in one hour, without dropping standards," says the School's Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Faculty Head, Professor Sebastian Longsword.

"We believe that clever students, aspiring business professionals, and sharp Fringe audience members, by choosing our program with a guaranteed degree, will be embodying the wisdom of Sun Zhu (author of The Art Of War) who wrote 'a victorious warrior wins first and then goes to war.'

"What Sun Zhu could not have foreseen was that our Faculty members have been able to not only produce the fastest MBA program in the world, but also develop the world's first-ever Pop Up University.

"This is what MBA Thinking is all about," he says.

Some notable personalities and institutions are mentioned in the program, including Leon Byner from FIVEaa, SA Power Networks, and Clive Palmer.

Topics covered range from economics to marketing, from HR to the internal workings of a university.

"Audiences from our two preview examinations, have wondered aloud at the source of our 'inside information' about higher education, which is puzzling given that we are one also," notes the Professor.

"And another audience member wrote, That was AWESOME, Steve Davis. Intelligent humour. Who knew that was even a thing?, which, although flattering, is particularly cryptic because Steve Davis is only a producer of our Adelaide Fringe Semester; I am the one in the glorious robes."

Tickets are on sale now and some shows are threatening to sell out, due to a capacity of only 30 people per show in the Treasury 1860 Restaurant.

Show runs from 1pm-2pm, with students buying Meal AND Show tickets are asked to arrive by noon to order from the event menu and eat before the show starts.


Professor Longsword and Steve Davis are both available for interview on 0403022077 or [email protected]

Course information: https://mbaschool.com.au/a-lunchtime-mba/

Direct enrolments: https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/a-lunchtime-mba-af2021


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The MBA School Of MBA Credentials

The MBA School Of MBA Credentials was founded in 2018 by Professor Sebastian Longsword.

Its motto is nihil cognitu vel digna est quia doceri posse, which was inspired by Honorary Professor Oscar Wilde who once wrote:

Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

Today, the spirit of Wilde’s chastening remarks pulse through the DNA of the school’s flagship degree, A Lunchtime MBA, in which students can accelerate through their journey over a business lunch.

The faculty believes that students should not be hampered by the traditions of tedium, nay, nor should they be held back by any deficits in ability or discipline.

We believe that what counts most is one’s eagerness to achieve, curiosity to see what happens next, and willingness to jump into new endeavours head first.

Professor Sebastian Longsword
M: 0403022077
W: mbaschool.com.au


Throughout the Adelaide Fringe, a pop up university operating at Treasury 1860, will be serving audiences with laughs and MBA Degrees until March 19



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