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Kingscliff NSW.


  • Jessica Dalziell has spent lockdown working on a music collaboration startup to help musicians adapt to an uncertain future.


  • Imagine a virtual garage band where your drummer may be in London, your bass player in Brazil and your drummer in South Africa.


When the founder of Sound House Music was a teenager, she wanted to be a singer.

(as most teenagers do) But for a young girl growing up in a small coastal town in northern NSW Australia, how do you do that? With No music scene and no social media, how does one network, find people to make music with and put their first foot forward?

Fast forward 20 years and the now mother of two says not much has changed. 

“Yes, we have social media but there is so much noise and pollution within these platforms that it’s still an arduous task to find people to work with. Its just still So hard to know where to start.”

The music industry is one of the largest in the world, and yet none caters to the ‘aspires’. (apart from the atrocious talent TV shows we all love to hate) 

Music still has no real ‘home’ 

So we have set out to create an obvious first step. Somewhere for beginners, tinkerers, professionals and everyone in between can go to build a profile, create networks, search and collaborate with anyone….from anywhere. 

Somewhere you don’t need to know how to ‘do it all’ to create music. And we did it. 

Sound house provides and open process for people to connect and create from where-ever they are. 

You can have 6 strangers, in 6 countries working on one track together and every musician is just a click of the search button away.


With covid looming over the international music scene it is more important now, then ever to spark creativity and connection. 

And to add some extra zing we have decided to launch with a big cash prize. 

Download the app and upload an original piece of music and you are in with a chance to win 250k


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