Saturday, February 13th, 2021 - The Adelaide Show Podcast
Two local Fringe artists have offered interstate performers an opportunity to hold onto ticket sales for shows cancelled due to Covid restrictions, by offering one-for-one ticket swaps to their shows.
Wendy Torbet and Steve Davis want to talk to any smaller, independent artists caught up in last-minute border restrictions, to invite them to offer ticket swaps to their audiences who've already paid to see now-cancelled shows.
"If audience members who've bought tickets to shows that can't go ahead agree to swap them for donated tickets to our shows, then the stranded artists will be able to hold onto their original income, which is crucial in the wake of 2020's disruptions," says Steve Davis.
"We're calling this gesture, Tickets Across Borders, so that artists locked down interstate can still get some income and the donating artists here can put some goodwill on the "tab".
"This is an artist-led initiative and while we'd welcome any support the Adelaide Fringe can offer, the pure, original Fringe experience is a grassroots one, so we're leading on the front foot," he said.
"The important thing is that the original artists get the full ticket sales they would have got without having to refund tickets," says Wendy.
"Between us, we're involved in quite a number of shows and it just seems like the sort of thing Fringe artists do to support each other.
"If other artists want to join Tickets Across Borders, we're creating a register and will list shows affected and shows offering to swap tickets on The Adelaide Show Podcast website," she said.
There is a list of shows available to swap with at, along with contact information and more details.
First shows listed include:
For interviews or further information, contact Steve Davis 0403 022 077

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The focus is on the people of South Australia and the various enterprises and interests they are engaged in. 
The lead host is former talkback radio announcer, Steve Davis, now stand up comedian and marketing consultant (is there a difference?). His fellow host is Nigel Dobson-Keeffe, a cognitive scientist in the defense industry, former engineer and professional artist.
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New episodes are released late Wednesday nights with a preview video shared Wednesday mornings.
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Steve Davis
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To help interstate Fringe artists caught up in the latest lockdowns, two Adelaide artists are offering to donate tickets so audiences don't need refunds




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