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With stock market euphoria at an all-time high and record low interest rates, a South Australian business group has launched an alternative investment seminar to shield investors from what’s predicted to be a bumpy 12 months or more.

The CitiGroup Panic and Euphoria Index (see graph below) highlights a “huge red flag for investors”, says seminar organiser Keith Gustavsson, managing director of small business support group Business House Australia,

“There’s a strong link between poor bank returns and the continued euphoria in markets which appears completely divorced from economic reality - investors are chasing high risk options to average out a better result,” Mr Gustavsson says.

“The seminar is completely focused on information and education about alternative investments options that provide a unique combination of security and above average returns – it’s not a sales vehicle, but we want people to understand the troubled times we are living through will have consequences.”

"Awesome Investments for Troubled Times”, to be held at Adelaide Convention Centre on 27 February, features expert analysis of opportunities that investors may not have heard of or seriously considered.

Eight investment experts will discuss local and overseas residential property, residential development projects, pooled investment funds, precious metals, pink diamonds, exchange traded funds and international hedge funds. In addition, a finance broker and tax accountant will provide updates and guidance on current borrowing and tax implications.

“With the recent crash in Reserve Bank cash rates from 0.25% to 0.10%, our seminar offers a unique chance to update your thinking on the investment landscape,” Mr Gustavsson says. “It’s ideal for SMSF trustees, investment fund managers, or anyone seeking an improved return on their savings.”

Source: Haver Analytics, Pinnacle Data, and Citi Research – U.S. Equity Strategy

10 presenters covering 10 topics:

Laurence Yang - Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Laurence Holdings Group Limited. Topic: How to maximise your returns investing in a hedge fund.

Alex Smith - Managing Director, Pachira Property Limited. Topic: How to positively gear yourself in the UK Property Market.

Suzanna Paul - Principal, Meier Paul Real Estate. Topic: Selecting & managing your investment property.

Anthea Greig - Founder of Urban Infill Group. Topic: Property Development using SMSF funding for high returns.

Max Bratton - General Manager, Link Capital Holdings Pty Ltd. Topic: Investing in pooled management funds.

Eric Kariuki - Director & Principal Diamond Specialist, Pink Diamond Capital. Topic: Pink Diamonds – Historical performance & impact on values on the closure of the Argyle Mine.

Darryl Panes - Founder and Chief Executive Director, As Good As Gold Australia. Topic: Gold & Silver – One for the History Books.

Andrej Wojciechowski - Senior Private Client Advisor, Ord Minnett. Topic: Australian Share Market & Exchange Traded Funds.

Matt Centrone - Director-Finance Consultant, Centrone Finance. Topic: Financing your Investment.

Sarah and Peter Reimann - Director, Equity Flare Accountants. Topic: Tax Considerations – Choosing the right structure.

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Awesome Investments for Troubled Times, Adelaide Convention Centre 27 Feb, features residential developments, pooled investment funds, precious metals, pink diamonds, exchange traded funds and international hedge funds



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