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Adelaide Professor, Sebastian Longsword, has launched a novel initiative to entice MBA students to read more books through a creative reworking of Wine and Food Pairing to become Wine and Book Pairing.

Professor Longsword, of the MBA School Of MBA Credentials, believes the allure of wine helps hold a busy student's attention, a little like Mary Poppins' spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

"To be frank, some business books are better written than others and anything I can do to hold my students' attention while reading, the better," says the Professor.

"Something like Dr Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese? is a little book with a big message but the quaint fable can easily be ticked off a reading list lightly if one can't feel the pain and tension of the main characters as they realise their hitherto reliable supply of cheese has ended.

"Pairing this book with a delicious wine like a Grosset Riesling, brings the message home. These Rieslings are delicious but often in short supply. An eager reader consuming the book while sipping the moreish South Australian tipple, is likely to yearn for more, only to discover their favourite bottle shop is out of stock.

"That sets the scene for receiving the deep themes and insights from the book.

"In contrast, a dry tome like Philip Kotler's Marketing, needs a wine with absolutely no redeeming characteristics so the reader is not distracted from the heavy text.

"And this principle also works with contemporary works like A Bigger Picture, the autobiography of former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. There are many themes in this book but by pairing the Australian Republican Movement chapter with a wine produced by Wynns Coonawarra Estate adds extra complexity and nuance, given that David Wynn was a fervent republican."

This nine-part series is being shared over the next week, as part of the school's promotional activities to attract would-be MBA students (and audience members) to A Lunchtime MBA - the only event in the 2021 Adelaide Fringe program that has been designed for a business audience, is being staged at lunchtime on weekdays at Treasury 1860, and enables participants to come for lunch and leave with an MBA.

Wine and Book Pairing articles and videos will be shared widely via the School's website and Facebook page, and the Professor's LinkedIn account.

The Professor is also available to host Wine and Book Pairing events, conduct MC activities, and provide Keynote Speeches.


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The MBA School Of MBA Credentials

The MBA School Of MBA Credentials was founded in 2018 by Professor Sebastian Longsword.

Its motto is nihil cognitu vel digna est quia doceri posse, which was inspired by Honorary Professor Oscar Wilde who once wrote:

Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

Today, the spirit of Wilde’s chastening remarks pulse through the DNA of the school’s flagship degree, A Lunchtime MBA, in which students can accelerate through their journey over a business lunch.

The faculty believes that students should not be hampered by the traditions of tedium, nay, nor should they be held back by any deficits in ability or discipline.

We believe that what counts most is one’s eagerness to achieve, curiosity to see what happens next, and willingness to jump into new endeavours head first.

Professor Sebastian Longsword
M: 0403022077
W: mbaschool.com.au


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