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Sydney, January 29, 2021 – Soprano Design, a global leader in CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), unveiled its communications predictions for 2021 – highlighting the importance of mobile messaging for enterprises and citizens during one of the most unique years in our lifetime.

The Term CPaaS Will Become a Common Industry Term

In 2021, buyers and suppliers of communication technology will finally coalesce around the term ‘CPaaS’ to describe the multi-channel mobile messaging capabilities they are seeking. The term ‘CPaaS’ will begin to yield very good guidance for buyers searching online search engines, making inquiries with analyst firms, designing communications into their integration projects and creating innovative mobile communication solutions.

New Types of Emergencies Will Speed Up Communication Tech Investments

Businesses will seek communication technologies that have proven to be capable of implementing best practices for business continuity planning, such as tactics used for weather emergencies, service disruptions, route redirects, building evacuations, and more.

Firms that have a communications tool that can be set up in advance with lists, messages, policy approvals, etc., will have an advantage and data shows that the damage caused by an incident is drastically reduced with proper preparation and efficient, orderly communication during a crisis.

Education & Awareness Programs Will Increasingly Benefit From Mobile Communication

Savvy organizations will increasingly turn to CPaaS channels such as SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, and other mobile social channels, not just to deliver their products, services and programs, but to use these CPaaS channels to run ancillary education and awareness messaging around those same products, services and programs.

Blockchain Will Begin to be Integrated with Communications Technology

Blockchain has been successfully deployed for cryptocurrency and has been adopted in the finance industry, but 2021 will be the year where Blockchain crosses the chasm into communication technology.

The driving factor will be identity, at least initially. Blockchain enables new ways to ensure that the details of personal identity are not required for user authentication, which means a person’s personal identity can be provided to trusted entities, and then accessed via blockchain authentication by other entities without those details being passed along.

For the full predictions, please visit: https://www.sopranodesign.com/2021-predictions-world-issues-hinge-on-how-well-we-communicate/

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