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According to a 2018 survey, less than half of Australians are financially literate. Furthermore, it found those aged 25 and under are the least financially literate. 


Oiyo, a new financial advocacy platform, aims to improve this gap in financial literacy among Australians, with a 4-week financial challenge for 2021. Over the month of January, they will provide a series of articles, tools, guides, checklists, and expert advice to help Australians supercharge their finances. 


Week 1 - The challenge kicks off exploring banks. According to a report, almost 1 in 3 Australians cite a lack of trust in financial institutions. We will answer banking questions such as: Is your bank right for you? How easy is it to change banks? 


Week 2 - We then dive into insurance by looking at the different types of cover options available for each. Oiyo will simplify the process of finding insurance, provide unbiased options, and how to go about saving money in the process.


Week 3 - Oiyo unpacks the often complex topic of superannuation. We look at options available, what to look out for, and what to know when deciding where to put your nest-egg. 


Week 4 - Finally, we look at how to create a budget and save money to help set Australians up for not only 2021, but for many years to come. 


Editor-in-Chief, Suzi O’Shea will be participating in the financial challenge and documenting her process along the way.  


“As we put together the challenge and create all the resources, week by week, I will be cleaning up my own personal finances and taking part in the challenge myself. I’m excited, nervous and ready for the challenge.” said O’Shea.


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When it comes to finance, things can get complicated quickly. Oiyo is a consolidated online resource dedicated to making your financial decisions a whole lot easier. We want to empower our readers to take control of their money and make smart choices.

Whether you want to learn more about investing, find the perfect home loan or refinance an existing loan, we want to help you get the most bang for your buck. So don’t just set and forget. Get informed and get your money working for you.

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