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Business people and students in Adelaide wanting to further their careers in a hurry, now have access to the shortest MBA course available in the world, with A Lunchtime MBA*, created and offered by The MBA School Of MBA Credentials.

“In a world of Mini MBAs and Accelerated MBAs, we saw there was still a lag time between setting a goal of getting a credential and that moment of success,” says Professor Sebastian Longsword, founder of The MBA School Of MBA Credentials.

“Marketing guru Seth Godin refers to this duration as The Dip during which time many people quit, so we decided to shorten that Dip to a Blip because we believe momentum is everything.”

A Lunchtime MBA is described as a business lunch, Adelaide Fringe show, and short qualification course, taking place every weekday between 1pm and 2pm at Treasury 1860 from February 22 to March 19, 2021.

“We decided to run our MBA course as an Adelaide Fringe show because we believe the hard workers in the Adelaide CBD and surrounding suburbs should be entitled to one, working Business Lunch per quarter, and what better than to go out for lunch and return with a qualification?" notes the Professor.

“With our head chef assisting the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption with his enquiries, our Master’s Apprentice, Nick Filsell, has devised a suitable menu for our “lunch and learn” students.”

Co-convenor of A Lunchtime MBA, Ass Pro Robert Lloyd, says, “an MBA is the passport to business success because whenever graduates confront problems or disasters in business, they’ll be able to proclaim with confidence that they have an MBA, thus enabling them to direct their subordinates to focus on solutions.”

Course director, Hon Pro Glynn Nicholas, adds, “A critical part of an MBA is the ability to work as a group but in many group assignments there are always those few students who don’t contribute and end up receiving the marks of those hard-working students, which is why we level the playing field and require complete non-contribution to all group assignments, thus saving significant time in our MBA course.”

A Lunchtime MBA will feature many highlights from Professor Longsword’s rich history of lectures including the 7 Business Books You’ll No Longer Need To Read, How To Self-Select For Greatness, and 3 Habits Of Reasonably Effective People.

Spaces are limited to 30 students per sitting, due to Covid-safe guidelines, so The MBA School Of MBA Credentials has implemented a First Come, First Graduated process via it’s intake system which has been strategically outsourced to Fringetix:

*A Lunchtime MBA might or might not be recognised by other, slower, more traditional education institutions.

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The MBA School Of MBA Credentials

The MBA School Of MBA Credentials was founded in 2018 by Professor Sebastian Longsword.

Its motto is nihil cognitu vel digna est quia doceri posse, which was inspired by Honorary Professor Oscar Wilde who once wrote:

Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

Today, the spirit of Wilde’s chastening remarks pulse through the DNA of the school’s flagship degree, A Lunchtime MBA, in which students can accelerate through their journey over a business lunch.

The faculty believes that students should not be hampered by the traditions of tedium, nay, nor should they be held back by any deficits in ability or discipline.

We believe that what counts most is one’s eagerness to achieve, curiosity to see what happens next, and willingness to jump into new endeavours head first.

Professor Sebastian Longsword
M: 0403022077


The world's fastest MBA course launches in Adelaide during the 2021 Adelaide Fringe




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