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  • 98% reduction in the volume of particulates and 96% of the NOx gases expelled*
  • Designed to comply with tightened emissions regulations in both the US and Europe
  • Generator can also run on biofuels derived from plant material

Aggreko today announces the launch of the Tier 4 Final / Stage V 600 kVA canopy generator which uses a variety of advanced exhaust treatment processes to remove the most harmful pollutants. Aggreko has specifically designed the generator, which delivers a 98% reduction in the volume of particulates and expels 96% of NOx gases*, to comply with tightened emissions regulations in both the US and Europe.

While helping customers to limit the environmental impact of their operations, the innovative solution ensures no compromise is needed in terms of the reliability of power supply. As well as more traditional thermal fuel sources, such as diesel, the Tier 4 Final / Stage V generator can also run on biofuels derived from plant material.

The new generator prioritises efficiency, delivering the lowest fuel consumption compared to the industry standard. Combined with the integration of Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring services, this will reduce service costs and interruptions to operations associated with in-person service checks.

The new power solution will be available to rent on flexible contract duration terms to meet the needs of individual customers. Renting provides greater flexibility to help businesses maintain their balance sheets, by avoiding CAPEX outlays on equipment which, due to the rapidly accelerating energy transition, may be surpassed by improved technologies in a relatively short number of years. It also means that operations and maintenance costs are included in a flat fee allowing for a clearer view of total costs.

Bill Carrick at Aggreko said: “The launch of our new lower-emission Tier 4 Final / Stage V genset couldn’t come at a more important time for our customers. With businesses in all sectors looking to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, our latest innovative power package provides a solution to help them remove some of the most damaging emissions – particulate matter and NOx gases – that are typically produced by on-site power generation. Our engineers have also prioritised making our products as efficient and self-reliant as possible, which help reduce O&M downtime and costs for our customers.”

* compared to basic turbine generator engines in use 20 years ago

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