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Spacetalk Ltd (ASX:SPA), developer of innovative technologies that keep families safe and connected, has announced that Harvey Norman stores throughout Australia and online will sell the popular Spacetalk Kids smartphone watch in time for Christmas.

A smartphone built into a wristwatch designed for primary school age children, Spacetalk Kids is designed to offer peace of mind for parents, helping them to keep in touch with their child wherever they are.

Parents and caregivers install and activate a SIM card, purchased separately, which enables the child to make and receive calls and texts from a list of parent-approved contacts. 

Using the companion app, parents can set up a ‘Safe List’ of trusted people who can call or message their child; configure notifications when a child leaves or arrives at a designated ‘Safe Zone’, such as school, home or a friend’s house; and activate ‘Location on Demand’, which allows parents to retrieve an instant update on the child’s location. For school use, ‘School Mode’ allows the parent to control the device’s functions, for example to switch features off during classroom hours to ensure distraction-free learning.

Spacetalk founder and CEO Mark Fortunatow said he was excited to be offering the Spacetalk range of products at Harvey Norman’s stores in Australia.

“The timing of the in-store ranging just before Christmas could not be better,” Mr Fortunatow said. “Our social media feedback shows that Spacetalk is as popular with children as it is with parents. For kids, it’s cool to have their first smartphone and enjoy more independence, and for parents they can happily send their kids off to school or out to play knowing they can see where they are at any time.

“With the holidays on the horizon, we wanted to make it easy for parents to stay in touch while children are out and about on their bikes, visiting friends and generally exploring their world.”

Harvey Norman will initially stock the Spacetalk all-in-one kids’ smartphone watch with GPS and SOS button, and accessory products, at 120 stores and online. One of Australia’s largest consumer electronics retailers, the company noted in its 2020 Annual Report that “To date, the biggest consumer change we have seen ... is the elevated importance of family…Our brands are well placed to take advantage of this trend.”

About Spacetalk Ltd

Spacetalk Ltd (ASX: SPA) is an Australian Securities Exchange listed technology company that develops innovative technologies to enrich connections between families, schools and society.

Founded in 2001 as MGM Wireless, the Company developed the world’s first SMS student absence notification platform for schools. MGM Wireless listed on the ASX in 2003 and went on to become Australia’s most successful school messaging company.

Leveraging this history and deep understanding of school and family communication and student safety, the Company set out in 2017 to conceive, develop and launch a safe technology ecosystem for families. The market-leading Spacetalk range of all-in-one smartphone watches for children and seniors, and paired family app platform, are purpose built with tailored features, design qualities and data protection for families to stay confidently connected.

The Company changed its name to Spacetalk Ltd on 12 November 2020.

To learn more about the Spacetalk devices and app platform, and the Company, please visit: https://www.spacetalkwatch.com/. Investor Centre: https://investors.spacetalkwatch.com/

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With a smartphone, GPS tracker, SOS button and watch all in one, Spacetalk Kids is packed with features designed with child safety in mind.



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