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Australia, QLD: Opmantek Software, one of the world’s leading providers of Automated Network Management Software, has executed a $2M initial (up to $10M available) funding agreement with Leap Capital to accelerate international growth.

Thrilled to be working with Leap Capital, Opmantek Chairman Danny Maher said, "it was clear from our first meeting with Leap Capital that they understood the business, the technology sector, and would be an ideal growth partner. This substantial initial investment shows the confidence that investors have in our company and our ability to execute on our strategy." 

"Our results this year have been fantastic despite the global pandemic. Our business model is centred around remote sales and creating technology that organisations can download, implement and test/run/operate without the need for on-site professional services or face to face sales meetings. The business world within the global pandemic is embracing this model more than ever and that is great news for us."

"The response to our technology has been strong", says CEO Craig Nelson.  “The business has fantastic cash flow positive growth with the additional capital accelerating entry into new markets which will, in turn, accelerate further cash flow positive growth."

Earlier this year, Opmantek released NMIS 9 together with a variety of additional software modules to assist automation, A.I., event management and a suite of Managed Service Provider functions. "The latest releases of our Network Management Software are next-generation", Mr Nelson said.  "The software is ideal for any business that is looking to take network management to the next level. We're excited and so are our customers!"

Guy Reypert, Managing Director of Leap Capital, said that "We are delighted to be supporting Danny, Craig and the rest of the team at Opmantek. Despite COVID-19, the business has experienced impressive growth through 2020.  Opmantek has a proven business model that can be safely accelerated with additional capital. The business has great technology which their clients love and a fantastic team. We are looking forward to being a part of their continued growth."

Mr Maher acknowledged Opmantek’s existing investors. "We thank all our existing investors that continue with us on this exciting journey.  Leap Capital is the ideal next stage capital partner for us, and we look forward to leveraging their capital to accelerate the business further."


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About Opmantek: 

Opmantek is a multi-award-winning software company operating in the field of Intelligent Network Management, Network Process Automation, and IT Audit. Opmantek’s software helps IT teams detect faults, automate processes, review current and historical network performance, predict where future failures are likely to occur, and audit everything attached to their network cost-effectively. Opmantek software manages some of the world’s most complex IT environments, including some of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers and Managed Service Providers. 

Opmantek’s staff is dedicated to building the best network management solutions on earth and making the management of complex IT environments easy.

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About Leap Capital

Leap Capital is a leading provider of growth credit to scale-up businesses. We are a nimble, local team of investors and business builders supporting growing ANZ-based businesses.  Leap backs ambitious entrepreneurial teams to realise their vision while maintaining their ownership position.

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