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17 Nov 2020, Canberra ACT –  Australian companies Red Robot and DispenseTech have collaborated to design KegSani, a touch-free commercial hand sanitiser dispenser that adds zero plastic to landfill and seas, and cuts maintenance costs by up to 98%. 

The KegSani is automated, touch-free and uses 100% recyclable 20ltr keg technology from KeyKeg to deliver 20,000 pumps. KegSani is also designed to be a highly attractive branding opportunity for businesses and brands.

DispenseTech founder Phil Preston said that the recent surge in hand sanitiser demand is predicted to result in a corollary increase in plastic waste, with an article released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development saying that 75% of coronavirus plastic will likely become waste clogging our landfills and floating in our seas.

"Retailers and public venues have relied on small 300-500ml domestic type bottles of hand sanitiser which require constant refilling and are mostly non-recyclable," Mr Preston said.

"Supplying hand sanitiser is a problem that most businesses never expected at the start of 2020. As we move towards a new 'COVID Normal', the plastic pollution by-product is an unseen issue we are all about to face."

KegSani was designed to tackle this problem. In partnership with KeyKeg, which is the inventor of the 100% recyclable kegs utilised in the design, the product also solves a number of other business related issues. The amount of time required to constantly refill, change and clean smaller sanitiser bottles and stations was solved by offering a far higher capacity. The KegSani holds 20 litres of sanitiser which is 40x the capacity of 500ml bottles. This can save any organisation up to 98% of time employee time required for maintenance.

The classy design also creates an opportunity for any brand that wants to make a bold statement. Red Robot teamed up with Capital Brewing Co to show just how capable it could be. Watch this short video here https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=354620392533208 or here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMG2llVnl6c

The KegSani is also touch-free which eliminates touch transfer. It's Australian designed and made. The unique double wall design of the DGA approved KeyKeg makes storage of sanitiser inherently safer and more economical.

DispenseTech is looking for customer applications and resellers as well as managed service providers interested in offering the product.

Red Robot is a Canberra based product design and fabrication company. The winner of the Telstra Business Award ACT Business of the Year, the company is responsible for designing and releasing a number of award-winning products.


DispenseTech is a local start-up focussed on designing and developing innovative commercial dispensing technology for beverage brands and other industries.


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DispenseTech is a local start-up focussed on designing and developing innovative commercial dispensing technology for the beverage brands and other industries.

Phil Preston
P: 0422835205
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