Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 - The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

Adelaide pub the Duke of Brunswick is well known in its community, always the first to push the boundaries when it comes to accessibility and inclusivity. This has seen the venue earn itself a slew of awards in the three short years Simone Douglas has been at its helm as the Publican and Licensee. Coeliac Friendly, 100 percent gluten free, Deaf friendly and Veteran friendly, the dob team go out of their way to make everyone feel like family. Unfortunately their hands are tied when it comes to our furry friends.

Douglas says: "We’ve always loved being able to provide a space for families and their dogs to escape to in times of strife. This was never more important than during the horrific fires that plagued our country across Christmas and earlier this year when we opened our doors as a safe haven for hills residents and their pets. Many of our local Adelaide families flocked to the pub as they needed somewhere safe to retreat to when their properties were under threat. It was heart warming to hear from countless families that we made a real difference to them during that time – and we’d like to continue to provide the same options for them during any future natural disasters."

Douglas said that she also knows that while not all dogs are classed as service animals, many people rely on the companionship of their four legged friends to steady themselves in daunting social situations.

"We have several families that loved dining with us as they were allowed to bring their support with them and be totally at peace during their time with us," she said.

"It was only until recently that we allowed animals in all the spaces in our venue but now we are forced to restrict them to outdoor areas which in the heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter isn't much fun for anyone. While we understand that the rules are what they are and only service dogs are allowed inside licensed venues, we think that its time for the country to evolve and offer the same amenities as all hospitality venues do in Europe and America.

"We’ve opened an official petition with the government to review the legislation around the matter to give venues the choice to open their doors to dogs of all kinds, not just service dogs, and are calling on all dog lovers to rally behind us to get the signatures required to take it to the next step. This won’t just allow us to go back to providing dog owners with service they were used to, it would make a monumental difference to business owners across the entire country.

"We only need 900 more signatures for the petition to be passed – please sign petition EN2026 and help us make a difference!"

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The Duke of Brunswick Hotel

The Duke of Brunswick Hotel is an eclectic venue that recently took out the City awards for Best business making Adelaide a more livable city.

Our commitment to bringing diverse backgrounds and interests together to see what sticks has seen the pub become home to all sorts of groups. Traditional hearty meals combined with a well curated wine and beer list are topped off with a choice of more than 165 spirits and liqueurs.

Simone Douglas
P: 0411166320
W: www.thedob.com.au


Duke of Brunswick Hotel, Adelaide's left of centre pub petitioning Federal Government to allow dogs their seat at the table.




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