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Author Gregory Paul Broadbent explores the rich metaphorical territory of thirst and drought in his debut publication "Verses of Drought" to be released as a paperback and ebook on January 15th 2021. This book dives deep into the inter textual worlds of religious and metaphysical writings from all over the world as the author takes the reader deeper into their own fears and illusions of thirsting and facing the terrors of alienation and disenchantment in the modern world. The verse is mired in old school charm but elegiac and constrained to the subject matter. It begins with a creation myth but moves through hybrid textuality into pre-apocalyptic sentiment and discussion of water as a metaphor for human inter-connectedness. Verses of Drought uses parable and pure narrative as devices to allow the reader access to the metaphorical language that speaks to their understanding and fear of the coming climate catastrophe and posits the questions of regeneration and survival as human beings. It challenges the reader to enter a conceptual paradigm shift as vast as the shift from the concept of the world as flat to round. Verses of Drought is a literary tour-de-force and will interest people who love poetry, verse, culture and the future of their species.

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Gregory Paul Broadbent lives in Melbourne with his wife and two children. He is 55 and has been writing for over 40 years and has published a novel "By the Obsidian Sea" in 2014 with Xilbris Books.

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