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Can SEO Services Be Guaranteed?


Search engine optimization is a large field. So large that SEO is separable into three parts, and there are more than a dozen different types of SEO services on the market. It is almost impossible to guarantee each service separately. The agencies that use guarantees do not do this. They do not guarantee each service. They only give guarantees for their packages and the results that they will be able to produce for their clients.


To make it easier for you to understand why some services are hard or impossible to be guaranteed, you need to understand how they work. You can find below three essential services that any SEO agency needs to offer. You won’t be able to produce good results without using these services. If you take them one by then, then you won’t be able to guarantee them. Why? Because they do not produce any results by themselves.

  1. SEO audit. As the name implies, an SEO audit is one of the essential SEO services offered by agencies. It has the role to check the SEO state of your websites. Through this process, you will find out all the errors that your site has and affect your ranks in search engines. You can also find the effectiveness of the content on your website, as well as your off-site SEO situation. The service, by itself, without any follow-up actions, will not help your website in any way. Because of this, you can’t guarantee this service.
  2. Strategy creation. Another service that is impossible to guarantee for the same reason as an SEO audit is the strategy creation. Nowadays, search engines are more demanding. In the past, anyone could use a standard strategy and get some results. But now, you need a personalized strategy based on your website’s particularities. Without it, you will not be able to find and use the methods that produce the best results. Unfortunately, strategy creation is not enough to raise your site’s ranks. So, you can’t measure its effectiveness.
  3. Search engine rank checking. Regularly checking your site’s ranks in different search engines is a mandatory task that you need to do. Agencies also offer this service. They are not only able to get the biggest amount of information from using the best tools, but they also can give you insights based on that information. But yet again, this service will not improve your website by itself. So, it can’t be guaranteed.


As you can see, many services can’t be guaranteed. But a full package can. If you let the agency take complete care of your website’s SEO needs, then you can measure the results, and the agency can offer you a guarantee. On the internet are only a few agencies that are willing to guarantee their services. 


Which Agencies Can Guarantee Their SEO Services?

SEO is a continuous fight between websites. All your competitors want to get the first spot in the rankings. As you may already know, in any industry, only a few can reach and stay at the top. So, most agencies are not willing to offer an SEO guarantee, because they know that their skills are not at the top and their clients’ competitors may use better SEO services.


Of course, this is just one of the reasons. But it is the most common one. Some agencies, especially those famous ones, do not need to use this method to attract new clients. Their track record and fame work as a replacement for a guarantee. They already have a lot of clients. And they can produce the best results for these clients.


The only agencies that make use of these methods are those that are smaller and not very famous, but they have confidence in their abilities. These agencies know that they can produce high-quality results for their clients, and are not afraid to guarantee their services. By using this method, they can also gain the trust of their potential clients and convince them to become their clients.


A guarantee is one of the factors that you should take into consideration if you want to find an SEO agency that has affordable prices. Famous agencies ask for enormous fees, and smaller businesses can’t afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars every month for SEO. Only large companies can get a profit by spending so much money. So, if you want to pay reasonable prices, then you need to search for an agency that can produce high-quality results for much lower fees.


There are three factors for which you should consider guarantees.

  • Lower your risks. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which a company pays an SEO agency, and it doesn't get any results in return, they may even get negative results. The company loses its money and gets nothing in return. But a guarantee will ensure that this situation will never happen to your business. You do not need to worry that you will lose your money.
  • Increase the chance to find a top agency. As mentioned above, only agencies that are confident in their skills and the results that they can produce for their clients are willing to offer guarantees. So, your chance to find a top agency that has remarkable skills is very high. If you can make use of this opportunity, then you can grow your business at a very fast pace using a low investment.
  • You know what to expect from the agency. In SEO it is very hard to form expectations. You will not be able to expect certain results easily. But through a guarantee, you will be able to know the minimum results that you will get. Most of the time, the results produced by these agencies are much higher than those specified in the guarantee. The promises of a guarantee are much lower than the skills of the SEO experts. It is so low to work as a safeguard against unforeseen circumstances.


All the SEO Services That Are Guaranteed Have High-Quality?


A big misconception that you could have is that all the SEO agencies on the internet that offer a guarantee for their SEO services can produce high-quality results. It is not true. If you want to find one of the top agencies, then you need to look for other factors as well. There are three methods that you can use to check the skills of an agency.

  1. Past results. Most SEO agencies showcase their results on a section on their website. So, you simply need to check that section and see what results did the agency produce in the recent period. You should take into consideration only the results made in the last 6 months. Why? Because search engines make many upgrades to their algorithms. And the agencies need to keep up with these changes. If an agency only has results older than six months, then there is a chance that their skills are not top-notch anymore.
  2. Clients reviews. You can also find reviews of the agency’s past clients on their websites. But a better method is to find a way to contact these clients directly. If you do that, then you will be able to get a lot more information about the agency. You will find the strong points and the weak points of the agency.
  3. Test the services. Another method is to test the SEO services of the agency. Most agencies have long-term packages of 6 months or more. But you can also find one-time projects that are doable in a month. Keep in mind that it will take a longer period to see the results completely. But with this type of testing, you will be able to see the compatibility between you and the agency. You will also see the work done by the agency.


It is very important to find a reliable SEO agency. You should make use of all the methods mentioned above to ensure that the agency that you will cooperate with is a top-notch one. Although SEO is a long-term method, the faster you implement your strategies, and the more effort you spend, the bigger your business will grow. Good agencies know this, and they will do all their work on time. They will fulfill all their promises.


The biggest mistake that you can make is to sacrifice quality for the price. If you want to use SEO services, then you should expect to make a reasonable investment. You should not search for the lowest prices. Why? Because the results that you will get may not even be positive ones. Although you do not need to look only at the agencies that have the highest prices, you should decide a maxim sum that you are willing to spend. Make sure that you check all the agencies that you can find in your price range. You should be willing to spend more money if the results and the returns that you will get are also higher.

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