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Soil Science Australia is pleased to announce that the Prime Minister has appointed the Honourable Penelope Wensley AC as the new National Soils Advocate on 28 August, 2020.  Penelope succeeded Major General, the Honourable, Michael Jeffery AC who has been highly influential and respected in the role, only stepping aside due to ill health.

When the name Soil Science Australia was adopted in 2011, the then Governor of Queensland, Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AC, accepted the invitation to become the first Patron of Soil Science Australia, the peak professional association for soil scientists and people interested in the responsible management of Australia’s soil resources. We are extremely pleased she has remained our Patron to this day.

Penelope has always been active in soil and environmental matters with a strong interest in soil, natural resources, agriculture and veterinary science (linked also for many years to the Crawford Fund and encouraging / sponsoring youth careers in science and food security).

In 2015, Penelope was the opening speaker for the SSA WA Branch Soil Science Conference, pictured here presenting a conference award to Garry Clark (Vic). In 2018 she was a Keynote speaker for the opening of the National Soil Conference in Canberra. 

Penelope recognised at the SSA National Soil Conference in 2018 that the role of SSA was ‘to promote soil science and the role of the soil science community in Australia, to secure your professional futures and careers; not only to protect and advance Australia’s national interests in a changing and uncertain world, to secure the country’s future;  but to help secure the future of the planet.’[i]

She reinforced that ‘everyone has a role to play, but for soil scientists and members of the Australian soil community, the opportunity to influence future developments, to develop and use your knowledge of soils for the greater good, is especially pronounced.’[ii]

Penelope has continually been a strong supporter and advocate of Soil Science Australia.  The Society embraces her passion and dedication and takes this opportunity to wish her every success in her new role.  SSA looks forward to supporting Penelope and the Office of the National Soils Advocate as it contributes to protecting, restoring and maintaining the health of the Australian soils which facilitates sustainable productivity and improves the resilience of Australia’s farming community. 

Assoc. Prof. Luke Mosley CPSS

Federal President


[i] Wensley, P, 2018, Soil Science Responsibilities in the 21st Century, SSA Keynote address 2018 National Soils Conference.

[ii] Wensley, P, 2018, Soil Science Responsibilities in the 21st Century, SSA Keynote address 2018 National Soils Conference.

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