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There is unequivocal evidence that eating fish regularly each week may provide many health benefits. Almost all health authorities world-wide encourage consuming fish two to three times a week. Eating fish is a very important as part of a balanced healthy diet. Seafood, especially fish is the major source of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids. 

Canned fish is convenient, easy to prepare and an excellent option to fresh fish without sacrificing any nutritional values. They are also affordable, hearty and resourceful. Moreover, canned fish is shelf stable and should be a staple in your pantry. 


Mackerel is an oily fish that is loaded with many nutrients like omega-3 fats, selenium, and vitamin D. Therefore, TAHI mackerel is rich in lean protein, loaded with natural goodness and tasty without any ‘fishy’ aftertaste. Incorporating TAHI mackerel in your healthy diet and lifestyle may provide benefits to your heart and brain health. 

Health Benefits 

Analysing more than 20 different studies engaging many thousands of participants proves that eating fish fights heart diseases in many ways. The omega-3 fatty acids protect the heart against developing erratic and cardiac rhythm disturbances. This healthy fat help lower your heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Omega-3 fats is also known to be improving blood vessel function, may ease inflammation and lower triglycerides. 


TAHI canned mackerel is makes hearty meals easily. You can prepare most delicious dishes in less than 30 minutes. TAHI mackerel also comes in ‘easy open’ cans for your convenience and ease! You will love TAHI mackerel in your favourite pasta with sautéed vegetables. There are many recipes for your favourite style curries whether it is Sri Lankan, Malaysian or Caribbean type cooking. You can be a little adventurous is cooking fish cakes, in pastries or making mouth-watering fish samosas. TAHI mackerel is so good and tasty that you want to try straight out of the can with a dash of lemon juice, green chilies and fresh bread.  

It is definitely a versatile and luscious fish that you will want to feed your loved ones with nutritious food. 


TAHI mackerel is distributed throughout the Sydney market, Brisbane market and now in Mildura, Victoria. They are available from independent grocers, ethnic stores, fruit markets, Asian stores, speciality outlets and certain independent IGA Supermarkets. 

In Brisbane, TAHI mackerel is distributed by 

YUVI Pty Ltd

52 Meadow Ave

Coopers Plains, QLD 4108

P: (07) 3255 6854

NSW distributors are as follows:

Philinh Pty Ltd

64 Chadderton St

Lansvale, NSW 2166

M: 0430 664 519

HiLands Foods 

17/24 Garling Rd

Kings Park, NSW 2148

M: 0410 353 115

P: (02) 9671 3610

Value Fish

TAHI mackerel is premium quality deep water mackerel that establishes itself as the great value canned fish. They well priced in comparison to other brands. TAHI mackerel is product of Chile, which is distinguished for classic quality canned seafoods. There are pleasantly surprising good return sales from people who loke their canned fish, especially for cooking fish curry. 


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