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While global news media outlets broadcast and publish hard-hitting news, the Australian digital Ponderings Magazine explores the world with quirky and positive storytelling including all areas of light and shade.  


Kirsten Macdonald started Ponderings as a blog to explore the tropes and triumphs of life with an inoperable brain aneurysm.


Making the decision in 2019 to evolve into the magazine publishing world, Ponderings Magazine has an annual print anthology, podcast, an App and over 50,000+ readers from around the world. 


Ponderings Magazine publishes unique stories weekly, ranging from whimsical facts, philosophical insights of everyday life, health and wellbeing, music, Australiana, interviews with influential Australians including John Marsden, Libby Trickett, Clare Bowditch, Jane Bunn, Struthless and more. 


Editor Kirsten Macdonald has found our current society in a stage of news fatigue, where current affairs and hard news leaves readers with feelings of anxiousness, looking elsewhere from major media chains in search for positivity. 


A study conducted at Secton Hall University in 2009 found that positive reading reduced levels of stress. Furthermore, The University of Sussex found that reading reduces stress by up to 68%, which is quicker and faster than other methods like listening to music or drinking a cup of tea. 


Ponderings magazine has found these statistics to ring true, as subscriptions during the COVID lockdowns have rapidly grown, the mag becoming a stress reliever for readers. 


"When we get emails from Ponderers or commentary in social media that has sparked conversation, ideas and inspired people or created a new paradigm of thinking for them we have done our job", says Editor Kirsten Macdonald.”


"During COVID this is especially important, as we try and help people connect with very fundamental ideas that resonate with humanity and the kind of things you may talk about around a campfire or a dinner party."


Being an independent grassroots magazine, Ponderings Magazine is one print and digital magazine publication that has not been hit negatively by the pandemic.


While a variety of regional newspapers and specialised magazines owned by news media chains like News Corp and Bauer Media are being shut down due to the decrease in advertising revenue, Ponderings Magazine is on the rapid climb of successful growth. 


As a sign of the times, Ponderings Magazine provides "soul nibbles" of the good in life, resonating with readers in a time of uncertainty.


For more information and to subscribe to Ponderings Magazine, go to With every subscription, $2 is donated to official partner, Vision Australia. 


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Ponderings Magazine

A new paradigm in storytelling, Ponderings is a grassroots magazine platform and a feast for the heart and mind, seeking to inform, inspire and create reflection. Real stories and emotional intelligence combined with creating a community rewarded with a sense of connection is the guts of it. It’s resonating quickly.  

An eco-system of three dynamic layers; digital magazine + podcast, in-print anthology + App : Ponderings is a Magazine to spark your innate curiosity and share the stories of us.

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Ponderings Magazine Blossoms During COVID as Readers Subscribe to Positive News Content




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