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Get Teeth Whitening in Under an Hour at Premier Smile 

Helping people brighten their smiles is what Premier Smile does best. Based in Melbourne, this clinic uses state-of-the-art teeth whitening technology and tried-and-tested activation gel to provide visible results—in just an hour! 

Safe, Effective In-Chair Teeth Whitening

While many at-home whitening kits are available, in-chair teeth whitening is still a better option to ensure a safe and effective treatment. Premier Smile consists of professional technicians who can tailor the application & activation of whitening gel for each individual. Depending on the client’s chosen package, the entire session will only last 45 to 60 minutes. After a single session, clients can expect visible or noticeable results—their teeth can be eight to ten shades whiter than before! 


The all-natural teeth whitening treatment at PureSmile is proven 100% safe, even for people with sensitive teeth. The whitening gels are made from mineral-based ingredients, while the LED whitening technology is dental-grade and top-quality. 

Comprehensive Teeth Whitening Care for Long-Term Results

Premier Smile currently offers three treatment packages to meet different needs and budgets. But regardless of the chosen package, your treatment will begin with a consultation. It ensures you know your options and the best solutions for your needs. You can also ask questions or express any concerns during the consultation.


After the treatment session, the technicians will provide aftercare advice to help make your results last longer. Premier Smile will even send an email about aftercare instructions to remind you what to do to better care for your restored smile.

Accessible & Professional Teeth Whitening in Melbourne

Premier Smile has made professional teeth whitening accessible to those in Melbourne and nearby towns. Whether you need to whiten your teeth before a job interview or your wedding day, you can visit one of their locations in Melbourne. 


About Premier Smile

Premier Smile strives to deliver the best teeth whitening services in Melbourne. The clinic has developed multiple teeth whitening treatment options that provide instant & long-lasting results while maintaining the highest-quality patient care possible. 


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