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Is Mead more like beer or wine?

Made from Quality Honey

Mead History



Honey Wines Australia is a leading Australian Meadery based in NSW. The company is well-known across the Hunter region for brewing high-quality mead. What makes Honey Wines Australia stand out is the vast majority of honey used is produced from their own hives. Yes that's right! Honey Wines Australia are passionate beekeepers producing honey from their own bees on their premises, and uses entirely local produce, with nothing artificial added. 


Honey Wines Australia


Is Mead more like beer or wine?

So what on earth is Mead?! Mead, also more commonly known as ‘honey wine’, is believed to be the oldest fermented drink in the world, traditionally made from honey. Just like beer, mead is often flavored with spices, fruits, hops or grains. But mead is generally higher in alcohol than beer & more in line with grape wine—typically anywhere from 8 to 20 percent


Made from Quality Honey 

You won’t find many meaderies out there who can claim they produce all their own honey themselves. The fact that Honey Wines Australia has recently purchased another 50 hives to increase honey production makes them one of the busiest and fastest growing mead breweries in Australia. The honey used in their mead has been filtered but otherwise untouched, with no artificial additives. 

Honey Wines Australia is one of few trusted commercial meaderies in Australia selling mead to customers in 750ml bottles, instead of 375 or 500ml, based on their established, quality produce. 


Mead History

Historically, this beverage has been popular amongst ancient Greek, African, and Chinese cultures since they are known to have used mead in their diets as far back as 3000 BCE. It is also frequently consumed in Eastern Europe and Russia. There are many different names given to mead - for example, in Ethiopian culture it’s called tej, which is brewed in a slightly different way. 

Honey Wines Australia extracts the sweetest and highest-quality honey from their own beehives. Their bees have flown an estimated 44,000km and visited around one million flowers to produce each bottle. 

Customers can buy this honey wine online from their official website, and they deliver nationwide. For new and aspiring customers unfamiliar with mead wine, or established connoisseurs of the beverage, Honey Wines Australia are confident that new palettes will soon be converted. 



Honey Wine Australia offers a top range of mead wine made from the best quality honey. Their product range and flavours, mixed with quality ingredients, includes Turkish Delight, Orange and Pink Grapefruit, Lemon and Ginger, and Peach and Passionfruit. This semi-sweet Mead is made from raw honey from the Hunter Valley region of NSW. Their Rose and Lemon flavour features a delicious Turkish delight taste. 

The mead is made with 14% alcohol and comes available in a 750ml bottle. Mead is recommended to be stored at room temperature but can be refrigerated based on taste and preference.


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To learn more about Honey Wines Australia, their products and offers, visit the official website.

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Honey Wines Australia

We are an Australian meadery based in the Hunter Region of NSW.

Before starting Honey Wines Australia, we had been home brewing mead for over 10 years and beekeeping for 5 years.  The honey we use is raw untreated honey produced from our own hives placed locally in the Hunter Region.


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