Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 - Affect Media

Tuesday AUGUST 18 2020 – The much-anticipated health-booking app HealPilot is now available for download within Australia.

Medical professionals and the Australian public can now access the new HealPilot app which provides a 24/7 booking facility for health and medical appointments – many of which can now happen over telehealth. For many people, this means that it is now possible to book an appointment and have a consult without ever leaving home.

Aimed at providing a time-saving service to people seeking efficient health bookings, HealPilot lets users access thousands of local medical providers with just a few clicks. It covers a range of specialities, including GPSs, radiologists, physiotherapists and nurses, and it comes with a clear, easy to use interface. 

It also offers medical practitioners an easy way to confirm or reschedule bookings in real time.

HealPilot CEO, Mr Faisal Khan says that the launch of HealPilot is a real game-changer for the online health booking industry. Aside from its user-friendly interface, the app only collects minimal information from its users.

“We’ve created an app that does away with a lot of worries around online booking systems for both medical professionals and their patients," Mr Khan said. "We don’t retain or on-sell data, and we’ve made all points of connection between doctors and patients as transparent as possible. Basically, we’re thrilled with the result” he said.

HealPilot can also be accessed through the website www.healpilot.com.au