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Supplier of cutting-edge inspection and testing equipment, Nexxis, has been awarded the State Government Innovation Vouchers Program (IVP) in recognition of their software development in autonomous operations

The rapid advancement of robotics is transforming the world of inspection and testing equipment. Perth-based Nexxis, led by CEO Jason De Silveira, is at the forefront of such software development, providing a wide range of solution-led equipment to the mining, oil and gas, search and rescue, infrastructure and manufacturing industries. The company’s involvement in developing software that interfaces with a robotic arm that dramatically improves autonomous operation have led to the provision of this valuable award.

Increasing safety and autonomy through strategic innovation

Nexxis is committed to the creation of solutions that address complex tasks. Working in conjunction with BluePrint Labs subsea arm, the software development project removes many of the safety elements associated with inspections carried out within confined spaces. Often requiring extensive and costly preparations, negating the need for human entry without reducing the inspection and maintenance abilities has been the driving force behind such innovation. Indeed, such robotic solutions don’t only increase the safety factor, they also upgrade the quality of the process itself by removing a large element of human error.

Remote vehicle inspection robotics is a crucial advancement that’s being embraced across multiple sectors. Of this particular software development, De Silveira says, “The device can be put into a hazardous location and take action, from picking something up to following complex geometry using AI, the key here is it removes the risk for human entry into hazardous areas.”


Leveraging for Future Autonomous Operations: The Nexxis’ Robotics Road Map

Dexterity is the key to the advancement of remote visual inspection robotics, something that forms the basis of the Nexxis’ Robotics Road Map. Such forward-thinking development addresses the very reason behind the State Government Innovation Vouchers Program. The $16.7 million New Industries fund has been set up to reward small and medium-sized enterprises who are involved in such services, technologies, or products.

Nexxis is well-known for the provision of the advanced equipment that removes many of the traditional asset inspection and maintenance challenges within multiple industries. The company is confident that this is a crucial step in the ongoing efforts to increase the abilities of robotic applications. In turn, such innovation will transform the field of inspection and maintenance, allowing speed, ease of use, increased safety, and the higher accuracy that is necessary to ensure cost-effective solutions in the upcoming years and decades.

Technical equipment supplier, Nexxis, provide a flexible, cost-effective, solutions-driven approach. This helps businesses achieve the desired outcomes that satisfy client demand and the necessary profit-driven requirements. Their extensive range of advanced inspection, testing and measuring equipment is utilised within multiple industries, including oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, subsea installations, infrastructure projects and more.

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