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In brief: World-first AI tourism app and associated marketplace to find fun things to see and do. 7-person team, 20-months developing product. Raised $350k angel in 2019 and won a $25k innovation grant in 2020. Recently secured another $100k and looking for industry or government to match this. App and deck available to limited audience. Launching September 2020.

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Wotsay is a world-first mobile app that matches the interests, budget, energy levels, age-group and location of a user (or user-group) with fun things to see and do. Additionally, Wotsay reduces the pain of coordinating with friends and family from days to minutes.

A concierge in your pocket.

For industry, Wotsay provides a fresh hyperlocal, personalised channel that captures the public imagination, which in turn drives bookings for activities, transport and accommodation. Wotsay puts recreational itineraries and vendors in front of matched customers at a time and place customers are ready to buy. Vendors are also invited to freely register their promotional deals in the Wotsay Marketplace at

The web is flooded with catalogue websites, like Tripadvisor, Klook, Airbnb Experience etc., where visitors arrive and leave as strangers. They wade through reams of random things to see and do, rely on reviews by people around the world often nothing like them and, when they finally settle on something, contact friends and family to see who wants to go when.  

Wotsay flips this focus from inventory to user, getting to know its ‘Wotsayers’ so that it can recommend fun itineraries and activities (‘wots’) that are most likely to suit specific individuals and groups. Combine this level of data matchmaking with a smart social ecosystem and the disruptive potential of Wotsay quickly becomes apparent.

Among the many features, including ‘Covid-safe’ badging, is the real-time booking button (due late September) that enables venues to easily display seat-availability to Wotsayers - handy when most of our walk-in cafes, bars and restaurants now require an advance phone call.

When asked about his timing for the launch, Wotsay’s CEO John Hancock said: “Launching any tourism business might seem counter-intuitive right now, but Covid has made a product like Wotsay the very shot in the arm Australian tourism needs right now. Our app motivates people to get off the couch and active again.”

With international holiday bookings now roadkill and Australians being encouraged to take leave or work less days, domestic tourism is poised to boom as soon as the gun stops spinning. Local areas will be first, then 1- or 2-day getaways, then 1- and 2-week self-drive holidays across Australia. Cabin-fever will springboard action, the industry’s freefall will find a ledge and Australians will want to get out there again. With over 130,000 listings already, Wotsay could be a great addition to your suite of fun-finder apps this spring.


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