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The pastel pink cover of Samira Vivette’s debut poetry book, “Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts” may give the impression of a light-hearted collection to its readers upon first glance, however, its contents are reminiscent of a scattered “dreamland” with detailed poetry and prose invoking a myriad of emotions. The best-selling collection puts a twist on the modern poetry book with ten contrasting themes aiming to take the reader on a journey within each chapter, entailing an abundance of imagery for reader immersion. In her book, Samira writes about dark, personal themes such as depression, grief, anxiety, broken friendships, and toxic love interests, with separate chapters dedicated to addressing each theme. 

The intention of displaying the seemingly “pastel nature” of society in the current day and age is a concept curated by the author who delves into each issue with depth and curiosity; and the book’s success has been proven – charting on the Amazon Best-Seller’s List in the #1 spot for Australian and Oceanian Poetry and #2 in Poetry by Women within only 24 hours of its release.

Each chapter is dedicated a “sweet” title, consistent with the pink cover and the overall aesthetic of the book which the author refers to as a “mixed bag of candy”. She writes about the concept of broken and unhealthy friendships in the chapter: “Friends, Cheesecake, and Poison; the crippling effects of anxiety and overthinking in “Whirlpool”, and the presence of deep wounds found in “Charcoal Clouds.” The chapter which delves into the topic of toxic love interests, “Candy Kisses and Poisoned Lips” details the unhealthy nature of narcissistic involvement and harmful relationships. Samira places a large emphasis on connecting with her audience through the book's diversity. 'I wanted to create a collection that incorporated a little bit of everything,' she said. 'But I also wanted to ensure the heavier topics co-existed with the gentler ones. It was my focus to ensure this book remained relatable and as true to life as possible.'

Samira Vivette’s unique twist on the modern poetry book endorses the notion of not judging a book by its cover as she writes about dark, unconventional, and heart-wrenching themes under the guise of pastel pink. The true essence of poetry is to tug at the heartstrings of its readers; "Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts" weaves in similar magic with top critics and readers worldwide claiming this distinctive style of writing to be heart-rending and raw, but also healing and thought-provoking.

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