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Let LeVeon maximise the return on your life's work.

Running a small business is hard work at the best of times and there can be plenty of headaches.

Wouldn't it be good to see those hassles handled by professionals while you get on with the job at hand?

Well, you've just happened to find the right people!

LeVeon specialises in coaching and mentoring business owners in the trades and construction industry so they can streamline their business. Sculpting the best business solutions, but also monitoring current trends in tricky climates is our specialty.

We focus on business growth, increase net wealth, regaining spare time, plan for the future, protect assets, minimise tax and leave no stone unturned doing it. We provide expert tradies support and service needed to face the challenges that naturally arise and at the same time turn businesses into a stable, profit-making machine. 

Our services have many facets. Marketing, planning, tax strategies and back-office fine-tuning are just a few which will ensure maximum implementation of your company's full potential.

Doing this will also result in drastically reducing work time so you can focus on leading a more balanced life in the company of family and loved ones.

Rod Schuback is LeVeon's founder and has years of industry experience and specialises in coaching business owners in the trades and construction industry. He knows what it takes to get your work, working better.

"The trade and construction game has vastly changed in the last 20 years and some business owners are still using out of date methods. That's a recipe for disaster. We can structure your long-term success because we're all about driving results at LeVeon. What's more, I'm so confident in our ability to transform our clients' lives that if our clients don't increase their business profits by at least double our fees in the first 90 days, then we will refund our fees."

Taxation and compliance are both compulsory and important factors to consider within the business.

At LeVeon we believe that tax is merely a derivative of profit, and whilst we will fight tooth and nail for every available deduction your business is entitled too to save you money, the real money is made in streamlining, growing and scaling your business until it maxes out its potential and/or we reach your business and financial goals.

Let LeVeon provide the necessary guidance and services to aid your business and strike the right life balance.


For more information on finding a new way of work life-call Rod Schuback on 0488 008 259 or email [email protected].


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LeVeon makes it our life’s mission to ensure you maximise the return on your life’s work.

LeVeon specialises in coaching and mentoring business owners in the trades and construction industry so that they can streamline their business, effectively growing and then scaling, so as to maximise profitability over the long term, all the while drastically reducing the time they spend in their business and we guarantee results….or you get your money back.

Rod Schuback
P: 0488 008 259
W: www.leveon.com.au


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