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The young, passionate team from ANZ Engineers is making its presence felt in the construction industry with its outstanding service and quality. 

Thomastown, Victoria, 7th July 2020 - ANZ Engineers is a fast-emerging company in Australia known for its superior structural engineering. The company is deftly handling challenges in the project design and implementation with innovative solutions. 

ANZ Engineers is a 100% employee-owned firm which means each person working on the project is committed and fully invested in making it a huge success. This makes all the difference. Their welcoming and understanding attitude towards the clients is one valued trait quickly leading the team to fame. 

In the structural engineering industry, the reliability of engineers and the ability to envision the project is of utmost importance. ANZ Engineers has the best, latest engineering software packages available. The team has excellent practical knowledge in the recent technologies and keeps themselves updated about the current trends. This gives them a competitive advantage in delivering unparalleled solutions and support that ramps up the client’s project. 

The structural engineers at ANZ Engineers take up a focussed approach to any work. They are experts at residential, commercial and industrial projects. The team gets involved at the stage of architecture design which helps in avoiding additional expenditure for the client. 

They ensure that their solutions are cost-effective, practical and consistent with the client’s visions. They pride in working on the site of the project most of the time to keep an eye on the progress. The team keeps the client informed about the development of the project from the beginning to the end that avoids any unnecessary confusions. This way, the team stays on top of the project and lets the clients be at peace.

When it comes to the building design, they use the best design software packages to present the best solution. With their expertise in practical building construction, they offer an efficient solution that’s feasible to implement without compromising the client’s goals. Their adherence to the best practices in structural engineering and compliance with the government regulations makes sure that there aren’t any unwanted surprises. 

In keeping with its reputation as one of the best in structural engineering, ANZ Engineers also offers professional assistance and consultations for ongoing projects with their expert skills and original ideas. They are one of the best and skilled forensic structural engineers in the country. They are called on to inspect the failure of construction projects. From assessing such failures and offering the best solutions to acting as the legal forensic engineers, the ANZ Engineers are the best at what they do. 

The team analyzes the failures and finds out the root cause of the damages. They have performed structural assessments of damaged buildings and houses caused by concrete cancer, flooding, cracks and many other structural harms. They also offer remedial measures to manage these failures and to avoid them in the future. 

Apart from forensic engineering and building constructions, ANZ Engineers are quite adept at renovation and extension of previous spaces. They have an R&D cell through which they keep themselves updated structural behaviours through a lifelong process of learning. 


About ANZ Engineers: ANZ Engineers offers designing, construction and renovation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Australia. They also provide forensic engineering for the structural assessment of the damages and remedial measures. The team works out its office in Thomastown, Melbourne. 


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ANZ Engineers

ANZ Engineers is a structural and building construction consultant in Melbourne, we offer bespoke structural design for residential, commercial & industrial properties. 

Alex Jovanovski
M: 0390051905
W: www.anzengineers.com.au/


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