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Rebuilding confidence is the key objective behind Adam Bowcutt’s Digital Audiobook titled “CONFIDE: The New Psychology of Confidence” (Recorded & Produced at Brisbane Audiobook Production)

With suicide, depression, and anxiety becoming a massive problem in today’s society, and compounded post-COVID Bowcutt felt the calling to produce  a digital audiobook that would equip listeners with the knowledge, insights and courage they will be needing as they go through debilitating experiences in life.

“One million beautiful humans taking their own lives around the world every year. That's one life lost to suicide every forty seconds. This is preventable. I am a father and I almost took my own life. I was literally on the precipice of doing so. If I did, my son Zachary would not have had his father to love and care for him, and to share fun times with, to be a role model for. There are millions of sons and daughters, families and communities that suffer as a result of depression and ultimately suicide.

It is now my life mission to help save and change 500,000 lives from suicide one life at a time. This is what inspired me to produce this important audiobook,” the author reveals.

This book will change lives - it is powerful because it is intelligently simple with many practical solutions. Adam Bowcutt’s energy shines through - he is a walking example of how we can all turn the corner with our mental health. Readers learn how to build stronger mental health and confidence now and throughout their life. Highly recommended!’ - Dr Robyn Stokes, CEO Bionics Queensland 

CONFIDE: The New Psychology of Confidence” offers step-by-step methods and practical advice to help build solid confidence. Gleaned from his personal experiences Bowcutt reveals tried and tested methods on how to power up after experiencing depression. This digital audiobook book is easily comprehended after first listening to its clear advice. 

This practical audiobook is designed for those who want to build stronger mental health. It promotes independent thinking, self-awareness, critical thinking skills, self-leadership, motivation and most importantly, confidence.

“CONFIDE: The New Psychology of Confidence” By Adam Bowcutt

ISBN-10: 1662118260 
Format: Digital Audiobook 
Language: English 
Duration: 02:53.19
Published: 4th June 2020
Publisher: Author's Republic

Available at Booktopia, Audible, Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay & more 

Additional formats:

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 202 pages | ISBN 9781796005745 Softcover | 6 x 9in | 202 pages | ISBN 9781796005738 Digital Copy | 202 pages | ISBN 9781796005721

About the Author
Adam Bowcutt is a mental health advocate with a life mission to help save and change 500,000 lives from depression and suicide one life at a time. He is a father, an ex-sponsored snowboarder and the co-founder of Xnforce, a company focused on proactive mental health that helps organizations thrive by building long-term mental health. Bowcutt has a degree in psychology and sociology from the University of Southampton and is an optimist. He is originally from Great Malvern, England, and now resides in Brisbane, Australia. “CONFIDE: The New Psychology of Confidence” is his first digital audiobook venture. Visit www.adambowcutt.com.au to know more about the author and his works.

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