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ArthritisHip PainBack Pain and Nerve Pain are all conditions that frustrate many of us and can cause great discomfort, particularly when we get past that important 50 years of age milestone.

Genuine pain relief, without resorting to prescription drugs, if often hard to achieve, but an Australian product manufactured from 4 natural ingredients has been bringing relief to hundreds of thousands in Australia and the USA for many years and is now available right in the heart of the Philippines on the Shopee platform.

Online shopping was not a popular method of purchase for Filipinos in the past, but the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people purchase and the trust built by the Shopee network has changed all of that. The Australian distributors of Outback Pain Relief have now built their own simple shop on the Shopee platform and currently offer their topical pain relief lotion, known as Outback Pain Relief Oil, with more products to come in the future.

Outback Oil can relieve the pain and inflammation associated with osteo-arthritis, lower back pain and hip pain, as well as other debilitating conditions such as plantar fasciitis, nerve pain and sciatica. The oil-based lotion is simply applied to the painful area and gently massaged in for about 20 seconds, until it fully absorbs. Within 15 minutes you will notice pain relief, as the Eucalyptus Oil in the product starts to provide fast relief and the more you use it the better the results become, as the Tea Tree Oil starts to reduce the inflammation that is the root cause of all pain.

With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon in the USA and a loyal following in Australia, where the product is manufactured, this simple to use pain reliever will become one of the most popular in the Philippines with a series of great introductory offers.

Outback Pain Relief Oil comes in a convenient 50ml roll-on bottle and also a 300ml pump bottle and both packs are being offered at up to 40% off the advertised US price on Amazon, for the first 6 months on Shopee. At only 450 pesos for the 50ml and free shipping when 2 or more are purchased, the company has provided a great financial incentive for those in pain to try this popular pain reliever for the first time.

The Global Health Shopee store can be found at this link.


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