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There are lots of questions that need to be asked if you are in charge of a home modification to make a home accessible for someone who is differently abled or aging in place. Are you looking for a professional to perform your accessibility modification? If you're like many people, your home is your greatest asset and it's important to have confidence in who you hire to perform work in it.

Are they licensed, bonded and insured or are they an NDIS provider? Licensing regulations and requirements for contractors vary by state or locale, so research the laws in your area.  Just because someone can remodel a home doesn't mean they can always do a good job. Attractive pictures of previously completed projects are great, but it's also important to look into the stability and longevity of a contractor's business. Gilani Engineering is one of those companies which will do the perfect job for you.

Gilani Engineering aims to help you or your loved ones with their needs, as they are experienced in providing home modification solutions. The home modification services they offer include bathroom modification, elderly home modification and accessible home modification for everyone. Their home modification team is motivated to work with you to improve the safety, accessibility and comfort in your home. If you need a hand and believe home modifications will make your life easier, then Gilani Engineering has the perfect team to help you with your needs. 

Gilani Engineering is willing to listen and provide a home modification tailored to your specific needs. Home accessibility is a specialized niche within the design and construction fields and while many reputable and skilled contractors are now entering the growing 'aging in place' market, they may not understand your physical and functional needs as well as they understand construction but Gilani Engineering understands all your needs and play and active role in the design process by collaborating with you.

Ray Gilani, Director of Gilani Engineering stated “It is crucial to understand from a client’s point of view the exact real life situations to be able to offer the most suitable solutions. We are a team of Engineers who are creative and understand the struggle that our fellow Australians with different abilities face. We have made it our mission to composite solutions to create different and greater abilities. Each and every product we advocate comes with our minimum 2-year warranty and full satisfaction guarantee” he further added “Me and my team are proud to know that our work and support to age care, NDIS and private sector makes a difference by improving lives and make Australian Health Care system better”

Gilani Engineering is one of the quality NDIS service providers.

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And if you are in Sydney you can give them a visit at their Fairfield Height showroom

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"Gilani Engineering believes that every limitation comes with multiple solutions. So if you have any access or transport inconvenience, contact us”

Ray Gilani 

Managing Director Gilani Engineering 


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Gilani Engineering

Gilani Engineering is a Sydney based  mobility equipment specialist and wheelchair supplier providing high quality aid tools for people all around Australia. We are NDIS service providers with a vision to change the industry by making personal mobility equipment accessible to everyone and bringing comfort to people who need it most. We perform wheelchair accessible car and van conversions, dual controls, car modifications and disability pedal vehicle modifications across the Greater Sydney area. Our wide range of products include quality mobility scooters, electric and manual wheelchairs which can be purchased from all over Australia.

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