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Public confidence platform, Saucedit is creating smart solutions; utilising innovation through technology to optimise recruitment systems and facilitate business compliance & protection that inspires confidence from within the organisation and outside.

John Walton, The CEO of business confidence platform—Saucedit, has unearthed a gem that would change the way recruitment and labour relations are handled for better through sound and systemic solutions. The value of building sustainable business confidence is key for start-ups and SMEs. Saucedit helps achieve this by making use of technology to manage recruitment workflow through a technologically driven method—one that ensures that you have a well-stocked pipeline of potential new hires and employees in the labour market with the best possible drive and enthusiasm to be part of your vision as an organisation. The problem for most SMEs is most often not how to pivot their business for success, but how to create an enabling environment to aid their pivot for success. On the forefront of recruitment, businesses often underwhelm owing to insufficiencies and inadequacies in the hiring system. 

Somewhere in all of this activity, I came to recognise how difficult it was for people, particularly young people, to connect with employers and get a job,” said John Walton, the CEO of Saucedit. A traditional well-written CV is an old-fashioned piece of document that could neither possibly reflect peculiarity in personality types to match a desired or existing workplace culture. According to him, “A closer look at this problem showed that recruitment processes were well out of whack with the way businesses and individuals operate in these dynamic, tech-driven times.”

A study conducted by Betterteam Blog in 2017 revealed that 50% of employees would not work for a company with a bad reputation even with a pay rise. Owing to potential risks of failures in tax compliance, timeous honouring of contracts, and other administrative loopholes reflecting rather negatively on the reputation of a company, Saucedit offers a solution-driven integrated system for efficiency to avoid scenarios where SMEs and start-ups gain a bad rap due to complexities beyond their technical competence. 

Saucedit offers a unified platform to solve issues bothering on office hiring, onboarding, management, and business compliance. They also help with Vero check countdowns and alerts and Human Resources Management. Sauced-it and its team of experts have remedied the challenge of what applicants in today’s labour market will deem an overly paper-centric and boring process, one that side-lines the mental elements and focus on mere competence. Most employers, or all, would take an employee who is not just competent but driven and has a philosophical connection with the core values and mission statement of an organisation over an employee whose sole competence for the job is, well, “competence.” In hindsight of this, Saucedit works using an optimised applicant tracking system that engages a video-application hiring process to allow would-be employees to demonstrate a flair for work and a subscription to the vision of the organisation. 

CEO John Walton adds: “This technology-based approach throws away the paper and provides the means for short, self-produced videos to connect job seekers and hirers and to hasten the recruitment process. The system is now fully developed and being strongly supported in trials by key industry players. They appreciate the simplicity and responsiveness of the SaucedIt approach, which enables them to quickly assess the personal attributes and ‘team-fit’ potential of jobseekers at the earliest stage in a streamlined recruitment process. Young people, who spend their life communicating online, are especially positive about the switch from outdated paper processes to the personalised video approach”. 

In today’s labour market space, power has shifted hands from recruiters to employees where company reputation is involved. Saucedit’s target customers are the overwhelmed SMEs who are often faced with multiple challenges when it comes to running their business, thus taking the fun out of it. Saucedit puts the fun back in work by removing uncertainties from the management equation. Another thing that marks the platform as one destined for ease in execution is the availability of on-tap legal expertise to offer advisory opinions on areas of employment law. It operates a very streamlined workflow with a keen eye for detail to ensure that staff documentation is e?cient and convenient, and removes legal risk and reputation risk with certi?cates and visa compliance. It is as well mention-worthy that it makes use of a seamless transition with a comprehensive and easy importing that makes it not at all complicated to flip the switch on the existing methods. 

Saucedit’s CEO John Walter has waxed lyrical of his optimism concerning how this platform will be enthusiastically embraced by employers and potential employees interacting within the labour market. He has even made bold to suggest that the scope could reach hundreds of thousands and even millions of people, and he is not misguided in his assessment.  

The scope of labour relations in a fast-paced, technologically driven environment is met with innovation; Saucedit presents pivotal remedies to the challenges of staff/employee management and its attendant complexities. However, one significant benefit that posterity will most definitely gain from the Saucedit initiative is that of giving employers an avenue to draft key employee features into the recruitment process. Concepts like examining employee value proposition, workplace guiding philosophies, and a passion for the job are now served in the regular recruitment menu (through its innovative video application process). This is indeed a welcome development because these essential employee attributes and peculiarities within the workplace can sometimes prove to be more useful assets than mere competence. 

As we advance in technology, we do so in the hope that our labour relations are the better for it because of the innovation they in turn drive. We anticipate soon enough that organisations that pay attention to business confidence come out tops, and we shall credit this innovation to Saucedit. This and many ways are the forms that labour relations will take when Saucedit “humanises” our recruitment and staff management systems moving forward.

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SaucedIt combines video recrutment, guaranteed wage and visa complicance and all legal documents into the one easy-to-navigate online platform. Creating smart solutions; utilising innovation through technology to optimise recruitment systems and facilitate business compliance & protection that inspires confidence from within the organisation and outside.

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