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The coronavirus continues to spread all over the world. More than 175 countries and territories have reported cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Case growth has accelerated to more than 1.436,841 cases and 82,243 deaths as of April 09. Some countries have a few number of cases, others with early community transmission have a few hundred, and those with uncontrolled, widespread transmission have tens of thousands. The governments of different countries have launched unprecedented public-health and economic responses. The situation evolves by the day.

Singapore and South Korea have achieved rapid control, versus that of Western Europe and the United States. Moreover, these geographies also skew to more tropical climates and will provide some evidence on how much of a mitigating effect heat and humidity will have on the coronavirus. If the virus proves to be seasonal, this has the potential to shape both emerging and existing transmission complexes.

WHO and the local governments have encouraged people to avoid large gatherings and to maintain social distancing.  People are usually told to work from home and avoid going out unless it’s essential.  Most of the major public events in all over the world have been cancelled.

The current pandemic has been affecting the economy as well and it’s safe to say we will face the economic crisis for a significant amount of time. A lot of companies are even laying off their employees as their businesses are suffering because of the crisis and they can’t afford to pay their employees.

On this note, Gilani Engineering, an approved NDIS service provider is ready to fight the corona nomics. They are open, fully functional and taking all the necessary precautionary steps to provide services to the people who need it the most. Gilani Engineering plans to address all the challenges and effects that coronavirus will cause to the community. 

Gilani Engineering feels that they have a duty to put chronically ill people or people with different levels of ability at the heart of its thinking on coronavirus. Public health crises are not equal-opportunity events: the poorest, most marginalized and people with special needs are generally worst affected, while the wealthy, connected and healthy are able to cushion themselves.

 Gilani Engineering provides best sustainability and comfort with quality. This NDIS provider is always focusing on providing the best customer service to its users and it is highly recommended. It aims on providing the latest technology and it offers a remarkable performance to its users. Gilani Engineering offers a wide range of products and services. Some of the products are listed below:

Gilani Engineering also provides the following services:


People with different level of abilities and older people who rely on social care can’t self-isolate if they rely on carers coming to their home to help them dress, wash and eat. This presents those who need care with an impossible choice between protecting their own lives through isolation versus needing to see people to help them live. This where Gilani Engineering comes in as they help these people in living an independent life.


Gilani Engineering is one of the quality NDIS service providers.

To learn more about Gilani Engineering and learn about their mission and service you can visit their company profile at:

Assistive Equipment Suppliers Australia-About us

And if you are in Sydney you can give them a visit at their Fairfield Height showroom

14 Smithfield Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164

"Gilani Engineering believes that every limitation comes with multiple solutions. So if you have any access or transport inconvenience, contact us "

Ray Gilani 

Managing Director Gilani Engineering 


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Gilani Engineering

Gilani Engineering is a Sydney based  mobility equipment specialist and wheelchair supplier providing high quality aid tools for people all around Australia. We are NDIS service providers with a vision to change the industry by making personal mobility equipment accessible to everyone and bringing comfort to people who need it most. We perform wheelchair accessible car and van conversions, dual controls, car modifications and disability pedal vehicle modifications across the Greater Sydney area. Our wide range of products include quality mobility scooters, electric and manual wheelchairs which can be purchased from all over Australia.

Ray Gilani
P: (02) 8740 8963


Gilani Engineering feels that they have a duty to put chronically ill people or people with different levels of ability at the heart of its thinking on coronavirus



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