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It is very convenient to able to drive your personal car and take it anywhere you want to. People with special needs do not have it easy to be able to drive as most of the cars aren’t accessible for everyone. Vehicles can be heavily modified and there are wheelchair accessible vehicles all around Australia. Controls and pedals can easily be moved.

Gilani Engineering delivers the latest and top quality dual control and accessible vehicle modification service. They are the providers of electronic accelerators like the Satellite Accelerator, Mechanical brake levers, Power-assisted braking & steering, Swivel chair bases, Scooter hoists and Ramps. Gilani Engineering offers a wide range of Vehicle Modification services and products.

According to the NDIS, Vehicles aged less than five years, under 80,000kms, are generally considered suitable to modify.  However, older vehicles and those with higher mileage may still be considered where there is evidence that their modification would be cost effective. For further detail please refer to the Operational Guidelines by the NDIS. 

Gilani Engineering’s team will provide a complete evaluation of the following: 

• Muscle strength 

• Coordination

• Judgement

• Decision making

• Screening of the vision

• Flexibility 

• Ability to drive with the mobility aid

After the complete evaluation, Gilani Engineering’s team will modify the vehicle according to their client’s needs. Modifications on the vehicles should be done in such a way that they make it more convenient for a person to drive the vehicle and follow the rules of the road in a way that is safe.

To make the vehicles more accessible for people with different needs, dual control systems can be attached. Dual Control systems, also known as Dynamic Attendant Control Modules, are systems attached to cars allowing both the passenger or user and the attendant to control the car. This system enables the user to switch between who can operate the car`s speed, direction, and the brakes.

The system operates in such a way that a simple button can shift the control of the car from a user to the attendant or vice versa. The dual control systems in Australia are becoming extremely common as the demand for vehicles accommodating people with special needs continues to grow. This is one of the many innovative technologies making way into this industry to improve the experience of people with special needs.

The Dual Control system generally has two different controlling panels, one below the adjacent side of the driving seat and the other with the passenger seat next to the driver where an attendant can easily reach and operate. The panels in control of the attendant are not very different from those available for the driver.

The switch or the lever in the car switches the car from one controller option to the other, this means that a user or the passenger can switch the button and change the settings to the attendant control and the autonomy over speed and direction will entirely be with the attendant. Even though the accelerators and brakes may not work anymore, the user can still see the speed, battery timing, and operate all the other functions of their vehicle. The dual controls can be installed in every kind of vehicle. Most of the hardware which is used is not visible except the pedals. The dual controls are very easy to remove, and they can be put back easily too

Ray Gilani, Director of Gilani Engineering stated “It is crucial to understand from a client’s point of view the exact real life situations to be able to offer the most suitable solutions. We are a team of Engineers who are creative and understand the struggle that our fellow Australians with disabilities face. We have made it our mission to composite solutions to create different and greater abilities. Each and every product we advocate comes with our minimum 2-year warranty and full satisfaction guarantee” he further added “Me and my team are proud to know that our work and support to age care, NDIS and private sector makes a difference by improving lives and make Australian Health Care system better”

Gilani Engineering is one of the quality NDIS service providers.

To learn more about Gilani Engineering and learn about their mission and service you can visit their company profile at:

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And if you are in Sydney you can give them a visit at their Fairfield Height showroom

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"Gilani Engineering believes that every limitation comes with multiple solutions. So if you have any access or transport inconvenience, contact us”

Ray Gilani 

Managing Director Gilani Engineering 


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Gilani Engineering

Gilani Engineering is a Sydney based  mobility equipment specialist and wheelchair supplier providing high quality aid tools for people all around Australia. We are NDIS service providers with a vision to change the industry by making personal mobility equipment accessible to everyone and bringing comfort to people who need it most. We perform wheelchair accessible car and van conversions, dual controls, car modifications and disability pedal vehicle modifications across the Greater Sydney area. Our wide range of products include quality mobility scooters, electric and manual wheelchairs which can be purchased from all over Australia.

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Gilani Engineering delivers the latest and top quality dual control and accessible vehicle modification service



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