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Busybird Publishers launch a new book, called “The Mindset Fitness Workout: Be fit for success without burning out”, written by Luisa Wing. It features 3 parts and comes with a range of tools and tips that can help people improve their mindset fitness.

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The book discusses dealing with mental marathons and how we deal with enormous personal and professional challenges and put ourselves under pressure to achieve success. So why do we live in a world where we know how to train our bodies for physical fitness, but don’t know how to train our minds to improve mental fitness? It turns out our mindset is like a muscle, and we can exercise it too.

Luisa's book gives you practical workouts to help you create a mindset that’s fit for success without burning you out. Learn to commit to meaningful goals and improve your mindset fitness to achieve those goals.

The Mindset Fitness Workout can help to:

  • Enhance your ability to remain flexible and adaptable
  • Increase your strength through challenging situations
  • Improve the composition of your thoughts to help you maintain perspective
  • Boost your resilience and endurance

This book will challenge your thoughts about what it means to be fit for success, and help you choose the best workouts for you!

The book will be available for purchase on Amazon on the 23rd April 2020.

In a recent interview, Wing stated, “How fitting that during a time of change and social isolation, my book is about setting goals and developing mindset fitness habits so that you can achieve them without burning yourself out. Paging through has reminded me that even though life is not going to plan now, it is still as meaningful as ever to set goals and keep a fit mindset. Mindset, resilience and goal setting is on everyone's mind! And I am glad that I am following my own mindset workouts to get through.”

This is the first book Wing has authored and there is particular excitement about this launch because of how it relates to resilience through a world pandemic. A virtual launch will be held on Social Media. Anyone can attend to receive special offers. Look for the event page at


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Vermelho was founded in 2017 by Luisa Wing after being the CEO of a small consultancy and the leader of a tremendously resilient and inspiring team. Luisa had a strong desire to prevent leaders from going through the devastating effects of poorly managed change and burnt out teamsHer goal was to create happier, resilient leaders with the right mindset for leading change. 
Using her passion as motivation, and her family's heritage language as inspiration for a name, her practice Vermelho was born. Vermelho combines change management principles with tailored resilience and mindset programs, to encourage swift change and resilient teams. 
Based in Western Australia, Vermelho provides consulting, coaching, and facilitation services worldwide. 

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