Thursday, March 26th, 2020 - Angela Llewellyn

Media Statement from Angela Llewellyn, Registered Nurse

Over 3,000,000 voters on the electoral role in Queensland have been told they have to vote this Saturday or be fined. This is despite the Prime Minister putting the country in lockdown as we face the exponential rise of COVID-19.

The compulsory voting on Saturday flies in the face of what the Government is trying to achieve in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. The directive from the Prime Minister is to stay home and visit only essential businesses such as supermarkets, banks, petrol stations, pharmacies, convenience stores and bottle shops. Nowhere on the list of essential services is a Voting Booth. Voting is non-essential and can be arranged to be completed online. It’s better than risking the lives of the people of Queensland

Telling people they have to vote gives a mixed message to the people and clearly the Government has its priorities in the wrong order.

Currently there are 2,317 confirmed cases in Australia with 8 deaths. Queensland has the third highest recorded cases with 397 people confirmed with COVID-19.

The Government cannot guarantee the virus won’t spread by observing the distancing rules and hand washing. They have been advised it's 'low risk'! but the NSW Health Minister who assessed the 150 sick people disembarking from the Ruby Princess as low risk got it wrong and 130 have tested positive with 1 death thus far. This could have been avoided. 

The Government is consistently indicating that it does not understand consequences. Take the Centrelink debacle -- they didn’t think through the registration process for claims and thousands of people lined up to register not observing the social distancing rules. This should have been anticipated and better planned and now Centrelink are scrambling to conduct this process online. Who knows what the ‘fall out’ will be?

Voting needs to be completed online and people need to stay home where they are safe. The Government needs to set a good example and show what is important.

A petition has been launched at

Angela Llewellyn, Registered Nurse

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Angela Llewellyn is a registered nurse with over 25 years' experience and practices as a specialist nurse in diabetes. She is well recognised in her profession with many works of research published in various professional medical journals. She has also won several awards for her work.

Angela Llewellyn, Registered Nurse
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A petition to stop the Queensland election being conducted in person has been launched at #COVID-19




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