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He's been likened to a young Russell Crowe and has the intensity and talent to match, but for Brendan Byrne, it's all about carving his own name in the world of film.

"I'm inspired by many people and creative types like anyone, but the key is then adopting your own style," he said. "I try to take on interesting and challenging projects that have something to say; I think it's important that as filmmakers we are mindful of who we are, what we stand for and promoting what we believe in."

Byrne is an award-winning Australian based Actor, Filmmaker and Author who lives by the motto "It takes a certain degree of obsession to succeed", so it's no wonder he has a handful of projects all in different stages of development, including; a combat PTSD film titled, 'We, The Survivors', a zombie apocalypse horror, 'The Walkers', the controversial 'Colour of Our Blood' aimed at overt racism and ‘Thariode: The Lost City’, directed by Nirmal Baby Varghese based on the true story of an Australian geologist who arrives at Thariode, British India, for gold mining.

As an actor he has landed credited roles in some fantastic films such as Marlon in the international multi- award winning short film 'Bleeding Backs', Jay in 'There's Something In The Pilliga', and Kit Fisk in the soon-to-be-released psychological thriller, 'Death's Waiting Room', alongside Aussie legend Roger Ward (Mad Max, Turkey Shoot, Boar), and has been featured in a variety of publications including Variety, Inside Film (IF), Indie Film, and labelled as a 'Rising Star' in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Star Central, Buzzfeed and many more.

Byrne also believes that in order to get noticed you need product, so in 2011, after 14 years of acting, he decided he had the skillset to start creating his own and developed the company, 'Shadow Wolves Productions'. Under this company, he went on to write, direct, act and produce more than ten short films of his own, including the hilarious office mocumentary 'The Life of Baldrick', but undoubtedly his most publicized and acclaimed work to date has been the highly controversial and multi-award winning short film, 'I'm Here Too' which is aimed at teen suicide prevention; receiving 23 nominations,12 wins and over 11 Million views on Youtube, and counting.

Byrne is known among his fellow actors and filmmakers as an inspiration due to his talent, dedication and commitment to the industry, and he's not about to stop, as he gears up to play the lead 'Bodhi' in the horror film 'Our Social Playground', working under the direction of controversial horror director Chris Sun (Daddy’s Little Girl, Charlie’s Farm, Boar).

"Brendan is definitely one to watch as an up and coming artist due to his talent, dedication and commitment, but for Brendan, it's about the work, not the kudos or notoriety; marry that with his rare acting talent and this 'X-factor' he has, along with his other all-around filmmaking skills and there isn't much he can't do!" said Pilliga director and producer Dane Millerd.

Finally, all the hard work and dedication to is starting to pay off, but it’s only just begging for Byrne as he takes to Hollywood next year, to film two features back to back... So watch this space, and remember the name, cause this is one story, you don’t want to miss.

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