Tuesday, March 17th, 2020 - Tiny House University

Facing cancelled events? No problem, plan your tiny house build from home! 

  • DIY Tiny House expert releases comprehensive online course on How to Build a Tiny House Vehicle. 
  • Online learning means you can learn from home, not at a large group event. 
  • Environmentally friendly option saves on travel carbon-emissions.

In response to the surge of interest in tiny house construction and ownership, award-winning firm Fred’s Tiny Houses has launched an innovative series of self-directed video courses to explain and simplify the entire process of building your own environmentally friendly tiny house on wheels. Thankfully, as an online course, you can take it in your own home at your own pace, avoiding crowds and travel-related carbon emissions.  

The culmination of Australian tiny house expert Fred Schultz’s 10 years of experience designing, building and teaching tiny house building workshops, this online learning package features 7hrs of video content in 37 easy to understand video units, with downloadable resources and fun quizzes. From safe trailer attachment methods, to designing and constructing your own tiny house, taking your house off grid, and where to place your house, this course has it all. 

The easy-to-use video resource will save DIY builders and professionals alike years of research and expensive mistakes along their tiny house construction journeys. It will also save on carbon-emissions (because you don’t have to drive or fly to a workshop venue) and averts a weekend in a room full of others, which is timely. 

Workshop attendee Louise Southerdon, a travel writer and four-time winner of the Travel Writer of the Year Award, can’t speak highly enough about the course: ‘It was a revelation. Fred is a talented teacher, a generous soul and a passionate tiny house advocate. A true believer in the liberating power of tiny house living, he's keen to share all he's learned through years of building and living in his own tiny house, with his partner Shannon and their children, in Castlemaine, Victoria.’ 

Tiny House University

To showcase the new online course, Fred’s Tiny Houses has also launched a new learning platform: Tiny House University. It is an educational platform that the company intends to expand into a tiny house education hub. 

About the Tiny House Building Course

Where can I put my tiny house? How do I fix it to my trailer? How do I insulate for a hot climate? What’s the best way to take my tiny house off-grid? Where do I register my trailer and tiny house? Can I use the American designs I see on the internet?

Learn the answers to all this and more through 37 units of high quality video offering tried and tested techniques and tutorials you can study in your own time. 

Through the course you will:

  • Learn how to speak trailer and make sure you are getting the correct braking, suspension and overall design for a tiny house vehicle.  
  • Build your own tiny house factoring in the various building methods, floor constructions, types of framing, and other design decisions such as the use of stairs vs ladders, storage, bunks and skylights. 
  • Understand how to make your home strong, vibration resilient, lightweight, roadworthy and comfortable to live in year round, even in hot Australian summers. 
  • Become a member of the tiny house community and share in tips, tricks and inspiration from fellow tiny house builders.
  • Learn how collect and store power for running electrical appliances, and how to design a hot water system for your tiny house using only renewable energy.
  • Understand where you can place your tiny house, with a detailed look at related local laws and council regulations and how they affect tiny house living.
  • And much, much more.

Book a course now or view them online at tinyhouseuniversity.com.au or phone 03 5472 2130 for more information.



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Tiny House University

Fred Schultz has designed, built and lived in an off-grid, fossil-fuel-free tiny house with his wife Shannon and their daughter. Inspired to share it all, Fred founded Fred’s Tiny Houses where he teachers DIYers how to build safe, well designed tiny houses on wheels; manufactures tiny house trailers; builds tiny houses for other people and advocates for the legalisation of tiny house living across all levels of government in Australia. He is an innovator, thought leader and expert on all tiny house issues in Australia.

Fred Schultz
P: 03 5472 2130
M: 0408 330 420
W: www.tinyhouseuniversity.com.au/


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