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Australian Author Peter C. Byrnes Celebrates Success,
Publishing a Phenomenal 60 Free Books In a Single Crime Series

'The launch of Peter C. Byrnes’s latest novella looks towards a record-making series'

London UK, Tuesday 3rd March 2020 – Australian self-published author Peter C. Byrnes has twice the reason to celebrate this March, as the anticipated release of his latest novella 'Loved to Death' also marks the 60th book to be written in the same series.

The phenomenal milestone will see Peter C. Byrnes become one of a very few literary talents to be credited with reaching an astounding 60 books, let alone in a single series – a feat recently submitted to the Guinness Book of Records for consideration of a world record.

Having committed much of his literary life writing for the pleasure of others, Peter chose to partner with global ebook platform 'Obooko' as a means to make his work as accessible as possible to the widest audience. Working together since 2013, Peter has published all 60 novellas in the 'Detective Joseph Lind' crime-thriller series, making them totally free to readers.

The massive series has gained popularity through its focus on currently topical issues, framed through a crime fiction lens. Obooko spokesperson, Tony Stanton commented: “Reaching the 60th book in the series marks an astounding achievement for Peter. There are very few writers who have the talent, perseverance and constant ability to develop fresh plot-lines to reach such a massive number of books in a single series.“

Tony continued: “We're thrilled Peter has chosen our platform to introduce wider audiences to his work. Having done our best to support Peter from the start, we have enjoyed every minute of watching his works develop and grow.”

For further information or to start reading the complete Detective Joseph Lind series, please visit the official page at where book 60 and the full list of novellas are available to download entirely free.

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