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Sun exposure and high temperatures, not to mention this year's exposure to poor air quality can result in listless dehydrated skin as well as irritation. To counteract the impacts of blah summer skin, Australian Skin Face Body is pleased to announce their summer specials; so get ready to be pampered and refreshed!


Due to popular requests, ASFB have bought back their Peel, Laser and LED package for just $199. This is the ultimate rejuvenation boost for your skin this summer. The signature package is carefully created to include a Medical Grade Facial Peel to rehydrate the skin, smoothing it and giving it that summer glow. The deal is proving popular! 


Guests also receive the ND: Yag Laser treatment to stimulate collagen into the treatment and continues to work long after you’ve left the clinic. The ND: Yag is a great introduction to laser and is one of the more advanced types of laser technology, penetrating the deeper layers of the skin without damaging its surface and reducing diseased cells by heating them in the process. 


Next Light Emitting Diode (LED) Therapy  will help with strengthening skin and our fully trained professionals will determine the correct setting for your skin. LED is a Light-based therapy offering three-wavelength settings for different purposes.

1. Instantly adding hydration, an LED treatment boosts your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

2. LED therapy is often used as a powerful acne treatment as it assists tissue healing and reduces inflammation in the skin as well as controlling bacteria. 

3. It can also be used to help heal surgical wounds and is often used post-op as it promotes the body’s natural cellular recovery, reducing scarring.


Valued at $420, the clinic is releasing the summertime signature package for $199; and it only takes an hour- so convenient! 


Book now! Tel: 1300 502 732 and select your nearest Australian Skin Face Body Skin & Laser Clinic.


*Conditions apply. Treatment available until the 29th February, 2020

Individual results may vary. Your dermal therapist will determine if this treatment is suitable for you. Australian Skin Face Body reserves the right to vary this offer at any time.

 Australian Skin Face Body is a team of expert trained surgeons, nurses and therapists. The organisation provides guidance and support. They combine experience, personal attention and the most modern technology to achieve realistic results. Dr Ian Holten, lead Plastic Surgeon at ASFB, encourages people always to see a skin care professional to ensure you are receiving the best and latest treatment for your condition.

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