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This cybercrime detective true story, Computer engineer Selina Co becomes a hacker and actress who scams the scammer and captures his real information. Join Selina's adventure and see her interaction with lawyers, police, hackers, banks and organizations ... 

But ... why did this computer engineer fall victim and lost 70% of her life savings in the first place, when she was not even in love with the fraudster?

This cybercrime detective true story involves 7 countries (Australia, the United States, Singapore, Ghana, Nigeria, China, New Zealand) in 4 continents.


True crime book, “I’m a Romance Scam IT Detective” has hit Amazon US Best Seller #1 on 30-Jan-2020 (Genre: Forensic Psychology), and hit Amazon US best Seller #1 on 20-Feb-2020 (Genre: True Accounts of Organised Crime & Genre: Internet & Genre: Computer Security)





Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/FnskHu_rhv8

Special features: https://youtu.be/XLUHmqHQ_Vw

Book Official website: https://romancescamitdetective.com/

Cybercrime detective company: https://www.onlinedatingidentitycheck.com.au/



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Alpaca Consulting IT Pty Ltd

Established in 2018, Alpaca Consulting IT is your professional Romance Scam IT detective services / online dating fraud investigators.(ACN: 630 675 428)

We are incorporated in Australia, and 100% Australia owned.

We specialize in cross-border romance scams /  online dating fraud (including those claim to be in your country but actually based elsewhere), which majority of romance scams belong to.  It requires good IT skills to analyse.   Victims in cross-countries romance scams have a very little chance of money recovery because they are outside your country’s jurisdiction. We are dedicated to preventing these scams and helping victims get to the truth. At least you will know whether he/she was fake or real, and know which country that attack came from(depending on which service you choose and detailed layout of the scam).


Company website:  https://www.onlinedatingidentitycheck.com.au/

I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective official website: https://romancescamitdetective.com/

Selina Co
W: romancescamitdetective.com/


Australian True Story: a hacker who scam a scammer



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