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Becky Blake is the frontwoman for Australia’s top party band Chunky Custard, the creator of Piano Chick, a mentor, a university lecturer, a writer, and a mum to two daughters, but now this professional singer and musician is set to add one more string to her bow: Comedian.

Becky will be sharing the stage during the 2020 Adelaide Fringe with mc, performer and comedian, Steve Davis, in Innuendo Everywhere: Becky Blake and Steve Davis do it, at the Duke Of Brunswick Hotel, February 20 to March 1.

But whilst this is Becky’s first show as a comedian, the genre is not entirely new to her.

“In my cabaret shows I’ve always used comedy,” says Becky. “I’ve gained more confidence since my first Adelaide Fringe performances in 2012 and become more adventurous with my material, adding a lot more humour both in the script and in a physical sense. My audiences have always known they can come along for a laugh and a sing.

“And performing in Chunky Custard is just as much about the physical comedy of the characters we impersonate as it is about the songs! So I suppose I’ve always ‘done’ comedy, just not in a specific show!”

Becky’s new chapter as a comedian follows a chance encounter with fellow Fringe performer, Steve Davis, after his comedy show last year, 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof

Steve was wickedly funny,” she recalls. “We share a similar humour and doing a show together seemed like the next progression.

“We’ve both grown up on a diet of innuendo through shows like Are You Being Served and films like Naked Gun. These classics are a lesson in how to do comedy properly; I like my comedy to be a little naughty and cheeky, but always classy and never crude”.

The core idea for the comedy is that innuendo is indeed everywhere and the show is jam-packed full of skits, situations and characters; cheeky songs from Dinah Washington and the Dirty Blues era, nature explorers and school life. Steve’s Playschool performance he is becoming renown for makes an appearance, as does the “innocent” writings of Enid Blyton’s adventures of Dick and Fanny.

“I used to read The Magic Faraway Tree to my kids when they were little”, says Becky. “There were times where I could barely contain my laughter with the suggestiveness of it. That part of the show wrote itself!”

And it is important for people to allow themselves a night out and a good laugh, despite recent events leaving people feeling flat and overwhelmed, says Becky.

“Comedy plays an important role in helping all of us stay afloat, emotionally and psychologically, so I’m hoping our show will be a great tonic for everyone who needs to refresh their spirits as we rebound from this trying start to 2020.”

Innuendo Everywhere is a 60-minute comedy/cabaret and will play Thursday February 20th and Friday February 21st at 8:30pm and Sundays February 23rd and March 1st at 5:30pm at the Duke of Brunswick, 207 Gilbert Street, Adelaide

"What's mesmerising is her command of the keys. Her eyes constantly roam the room as she engages beautifully with her audience. The lady can sing, act and play." Kate Battersby,

"Steve Davis is now the great Playschool method actor; it must be seen to be believed. Similarly his Mr. Squiggle. Oh, my. It is rib-ache funny. Desperately, wickedly, absurdly funny." Samela Harris, Barefoot Review


For Further information:

Steve Davis: 0404 022 077

Becky Blake: 0412 000 481, [email protected]


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Steve Davis
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The cheeky frontwoman of Australia's top party band, Chunky Custard, is going "full comedy" during this Adelaide Fringe in an homage to innuendo




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